7+ Best Coupons, Deals & Discounts WordPress Themes for Affiliates & Online Marketers

In case you’re looking to create a website to share the latest or the best coupons and deals with your users, then this great collection of WordPress themes will help you with your project. By using these themes, you can highly increase the chances of your website generating very good income for you.

best coupons deals discounts wordpress themesThese coupons and deals WordPress themes will guarantee that you are able to publish the best coupons and deals to save money for your customers by using some of the latest and most innovative design trends. All of these themes that will be mentioned in the article will be equipped with advanced feature sets, tools and options to create the perfect WordPress site for coupons and deals.

Full mobile responsibility is very important. It will ensure that the visitors reading your site by using a smart phone or tablet will be just as able to find the best deals and coupons that they’re looking for, as visitors reading from desktops and laptops.

Many of the themes featured in this article will include the great ability to let your visitors sign up and submit their own coupons. There will also be advanced tracking and reporting features available. Additional features that are important and vital for any coupons and deals WordPress theme are the importing and exporting functionalities, printing coupons and custom user rating systems.

All of these great premium themes have been handpicked and tested extensively. They will contain almost all of the important features that are needed for creating great coupons and deals WordPress sites. You won’t regret using any one of the themes mentioned in this article.


couponer discounts coupons wordpress theme

Couponer is a premium WordPress theme that is perfect for websites or businesses dealing with coupons and discounts. It has unlimited colour options and is highly customizable, featuring many tools and options to help you adjust the way your website looks. Additionally, it is retina ready and fully responsive on all devices.

This great theme has a lot of useful features, but the absolute best of them all is the large number of coupon widgets available for use. These are third-party widgets that greatly increase the functionality of the theme. Some of these great widgets are coupon text, coupon categories, page newsletters as well as coupon search add-ons. There are also daily offer widgets, popular and featured shops widgets as well as social widgets that integrate social media platforms into the theme.

There are many great page templates included in Couponer. They give you a wide variety of ways to display content on your website. There are many templates that are specifically designed for different types of coupons and discount websites. Some of these amazing page templates are the all shops page, categories page, contact page and daily offers page templates. Other useful page templates are the home page template, top 20, coupon and discount submission templates and many others.

There are several ways of listing coupons with this theme. You can list coupons by popularity, according to the date they were added or by expiration date. You can also set up featured coupon listings, top 20 listings as well as listing expired coupons. Some of the custom post types featured in this theme are the shops, coupons, FAQ and daily offers custom post types.

You can easily check out how this theme looks by using one of the demos available. You can also easily import the demo to your website using a simple installer. If you ever encounter any issues or troubles with this theme, there is dedicated support available for all paying customers.


couponize promo codes coupons wordpress theme

Couponize is a very responsive WordPress theme that is great for any type of coupons and deals WordPress websites. By using this theme, you can easily store coupons, discounts and many different promo codes from any type of company or business. It has many integrated features that allow your website to differentiate itself from the competition.

This great theme comes with a blog page as well as a blog post page. By being fully responsive, it is guaranteed to work perfectly on all types of devices, mobile phones, smart phones, desktop and laptops. You can set up any kinds of promo codes and coupons while at the same time earn affiliate commissions from those coupons and deals.

There are many sorting options available for the coupons and discounts like the sort by publish date option, sort by expiration date or the ability to sort coupons and discounts by the number of comments that were left on them. The demo templates are a great way to test how this theme looks and performs. You can even import one of these demos to your website easily once you purchase the theme.

Some of the great main features of this theme are the advanced theme options panel as well as the Wysija and GD star rating newsletters integration. This theme has a very clean code and a very clean and modern user interface making it easy to use for beginners as well as experienced site owners. The framework of this theme is built on the Foundation framework.

Another great feature is the custom designs for coupon discounts. You can design your own ways to display buttons, text or text with border. Yet another great feature is the integration of the third-party FlexSlider plug-in that increases the functionality of the sliders on your website. There is full customer support available for any paying customers that need help or have any questions about the theme.


rehub price comparison rating coupon codes wordpress theme

REHub is a very functional and advanced WordPress theme that focuses on monetization as well as coupons and discounts websites. It has amazing enhanced functions for affiliates, directories, coupons, multi-vendors and other important website functions. It is primarily a multipurpose hybrid theme but it offers many great solutions for all types of coupons, deals and discounts websites.

The emphasis of this theme is on a very modern and compact style. It has many different options and solutions for affiliate earnings, review websites, electronics shops as well as coupons and deals. Whatever the purpose of your website is, whether you’re using a standalone blog, portal, review website or a digital shop, this theme will provide you with anything you might need.

One of the best things about this great theme is the extensive functionality and integration of many great third-party plug-ins. It supports three different shop plug-ins as well as many community and social network plug-ins. Additionally, there are many different design layouts and post layouts that are compatible with these plug-ins.

Publishing reviews as well as posting coupons and deals with this theme are dealt entirely through the front-end of the website. The filter panels of this theme are fully customizable. Some of the many different design layouts include grades, columns, sliders and carousels. There are also some very useful price comparison functions available.

This premium theme comes with many time-saving solutions to help you monetize your content. Several plug-ins are available that help make your content better for visitors as well as search engines. Affiliate modules, search engine optimization solutions and much more emphasize the amazing monetization functionality of this theme. This is definitely one of the best themes for review websites, price comparison websites or simple coupons, discounts and deals websites.


comre coupon codes affiliates wordpress theme

Comre is a great WordPress theme for all kinds of coupons and promotion codes websites. This theme comes with an online shop that enables you to sell premium coupons online and earn affiliate money. This shop is built with the most popular and most flexible plug-in on the market, WooCommerce. This theme is also very clean and fully responsive on all devices and tablets.

Several premium WordPress plug-ins, like the Revolution Slider and the Visual Composer are available for free with this theme. These great third-party tools enhance any content creator’s ability to modify and personalize the look of his website. The page builder tool including the visual composer is an amazing option to further change the way content is published and displayed on your website.

The admin panel that comes with this theme is a very powerful tool that is also easy to use. It includes a huge number of settings and options. Apart from general website settings, there are header and footer settings as well as Permalink settings. Additional great settings that make this tool a must have for any website owner are the search engine optimization settings, page settings as well as sidebar and fonts settings.

Unlimited colour schemes as well as the colour picker tool are a very useful way of modifying the visual design of the theme. The premium Slider Revolution WordPress plug-in comes with animations, parallel layers as well as great new backend functionality and style. Google web fonts are included in fully integrated in this theme.

Not only is this theme greatly customizable but it is also very easy to use. Although it includes some very advanced tools, there is detailed documentation available that answers all questions site creators might have. And if you have problems with this theme there is a dedicated support team available at any time.


kupon discounts deals coupons wordpress theme

KUPON is one of the most suitable WordPress themes for daily deals and coupons websites and marketplaces. The solutions that this theme uses are of high quality and standard. This theme is most suitable for more professional projects where the main focus is on flexibility, quality, stability and extensibility.

Full integration with WooCommerce is available which also allows for PDF voucher generation and barcode options. By using the front-end dashboard of the theme, vendors and users can easily add new deals, coupons and redeem vouchers. The code of this theme is very minimal and clean which makes the theme very flexible and functional.

Most of the features that this theme provides are available through the use of third-party plug-ins that are included with the purchase of KUPON. The very powerful Visual Composer tool is very useful for modifying the theme settings framework in the header, footer or the widgets. This theme introduces a very unique field templates feature which works similarly to page templates but only pertains to post metas.

The HTML structure of this theme is very simple, which allows each and every post, review or product template to be created, modified or combined by using several different options and templates. The forms for submissions and edits are dealt entirely through the front-end of the theme and there is a guess submission option that is also available with the theme.

Custom widgets are very useful, little third-party tools that vastly increase the functionality of any website. There are many custom widgets available to use and they are fully implemented via the visual composer tool that comes with this theme. Header and footer implementation, as well as the sidebars are also built through the custom widgets. There is also a theme settings tool that is integrated through the Redux framework.


couponhut deals coupons wordpress theme

Creating some amazing and stunning websites for deals, coupons and discounts is very easy with the CouponHut WordPress theme. This premium theme has a very clean and modern style and features a fully responsive design, intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop page builder, third-party custom widgets and a great ratings system. The theme has been specifically designed and developed to be one of the best options when it comes to coupons and deals.

Today, most users and visitors engage in web content by using handheld devices and tablets. This makes it crucial for websites to be able to display content beautifully across all different devices, laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets imaginable. CouponHut deals with this issue by being specifically designed to cater to the needs of any handheld device or gadget.

Your brand-new website can be easily filled with incredible deals and great coupons by using this premium WordPress theme. The foundation of this theme is based on the eCommerce website. This theme features some unique solutions and options for coupons and deals, like percentage-based discounts, offer expirations as well as time triggered events.

Fully integrated with this theme are some very easy to use third-party widgets that are carefully selected to help you monetize your content. These widgets fit the needs of the most common ad platforms and sizes, allowing you to easily fill your site with very classy and compact advertisements. Additionally, there are other tools and solutions that help website owners with search engine optimization.

CouponHut is filled with a large amount of amazing short codes that allow you to easily extend the functionality of your website while also keeping the simplicity and sophistication of your site. These short codes are series of code snippets that can be added to any part of your website through the backend of WordPress. Some of those short codes are custom buttons, quotes, expending accordions and many more.


couponxl deals discounts promo codes wordpress theme

CouponXL is one of the most advanced and complete WordPress theme for deals, discounts and coupons. It’s also perfect for affiliate websites due to some very creative and innovative optimizations and integrations for affiliate marketing. This theme is fully responsive, search engine optimized; it is also based on the Bootstrap framework and has a very clean code.

All members of your website will be allowed to submit their own offers, advertise the products and services, earn affiliate money through your website and smartly control payments. There is an extensive membership system integrated in the theme which gives the website owners the choice of creating affiliate websites or non-membership websites.

The random code generation system which is unique with this theme is specifically built in so that users don’t have to worry about generating codes and vouchers because with this theme that process is fully automated. A predict based Ajax search for locations and stores and the custom profile dashboard for users to easily track deals and coupons are some additional amazing features of CouponXL.

Many different types of coupons and deals are available with the theme. You can choose between printable coupons, affiliate link coupons or custom code coupons. You can integrate and add affiliate links to all of these different types of coupons. You can also choose between affiliate deals or pay deals. Deals can also be set up by time left or by items left.

The submission of deals and coupons is fully achieved through the front-end of the theme. This allows your customers to easily submit their own deals and coupons. This theme is also highly customizable by using the custom mega menu that is very easy to set up. You can also combine the main menu and the sidebar widgets the way you desire.

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