20+ Best Directory Listing WordPress Themes for Job Portals & Business Directories

Directory listing WordPress themes are designed and developed to help sites run business directories, job portals, real estate portals, yellow pages, online marketplaces or any other kind of directory website.

best directory listing wordpress themesThese WordPress themes for directory websites provide a neat, organized and effective way to list and sort marketplaces, shops, business locations, medical services, restaurants and much more. They also provide site owners with powerful utilization for visitors, customers as well as the webmaster of the site. Useful features such as implemented ad spaces for advertisements and banners, Google Maps, or advanced search options are essential to any directory listing WordPress theme.

Choosing a directory listing WordPress theme for your site is very important when planning on creating a directory WordPress website for your business. You can create your own professional directory by using one of the many directory listing theme templates available to you.

When choosing a template, it’s very important to ensure that the directory listing theme you end up using completely suits your needs, demands and requirements and is completely compatible with the preferred WordPress plugins that you use on you site as well as external features that your site might use.

You can use these great WordPress directory listing themes to create professional and elegant job directories for listing jobs or you can list shops and utilize Google maps so your visitors are able to easily locate the nearest shops. These directory listing WordPress themes are also great for listing and sorting coupons and discounts in a professional and user friendly way.

If you’re creating a directory business website and you’re are in need of suitable solutions for directories and listings, these WordPress themes will get the job done. Here are some of the best, hand-picked themes and templates that we’ve chosen for you to use.


directorys directory listing wordpress theme

DirectoryS is a great WordPress theme that is one of the most feature rich themes on the market. It allows you to create very compact, visually pleasing and elegant directories and lists. The theme features a very responsive layout that is mobile focused, allowing all theme elements to adapt perfectly to whichever screen size or whatever device your visitors are using. The premium sliders that DirectoryS provides are also fully responsive, making this theme one of most aesthetically pleasing themes on the market.

This theme has a large amount of customization options and tools that make this theme stand out in terms of flexibility and versatility when it comes to personalizing how your directories and lists will look like. Many of the customization options help your users immerse themselves even further with your site’s content.

Customizable pins and markers can be used by your users to tag businesses and places they visited or plan on visiting, also the fully customized rating system allows users to review and speak their mind about their experience with the businesses listed on your site.

DirectoryS truly is one of the most flexible directory and listing WordPress themes, allowing site creators almost full personalization of their directory look. Tons of widgets are included in the theme that further enhance the features that the theme provides. The design of the theme can be modified and recoded using Photoshop files.

Site creators are allowed to make an unlimited number of custom sidebars to add to the site, unlimited colors and the integration of Google fonts typography further enhances the customization options that this theme provides. And all of this is packed in a compact, simple to use installer.

Business Finder

business finder directory wordpress theme multiple niches

Business Finder is a unique directory and listing theme that not only provides the most important features that a directory theme must have, but it also includes some very unique, innovative opportunities to list directories that will simply stun and impress your visitors. It beautifully incorporates modern design into business directories.

The theme showcases a beautiful, unique 3D Header map with stunning high resolution satellite images that visitors can use to locate the businesses or restaurants nearest to them. Their Business view adds another dimension to your lists by allowing interior pictures and navigation of every single business or place on your directory. Apart from the stunning, modern look, this theme has a fully responsive layout that works on almost all phones, tablets or devices.

This WordPress theme has an intuitive, easy to use, flexible and customizable page builder. Build your personal or business website with elegant and modern directory lists easily, simply by dragging and dropping elements, adding your custom sidebars and fine tune the style of the site. Any detail of the Business Finder theme can be customized from the ground up.

It also acknowledges the monetization opportunities that directory websites have, allowing site creators to make money from their sites by providing important SEO tools right out of the box, by featuring Ecwid store support as well as full WooCommerce integration and compatibility.

Business Finder is truly a robust directory listing WordPress theme that will impress you with its large number of features and unique options, as well as impress your visitors with its modern look. Also unique implementations of visual innovations, pushing your site to the next level. And the theme does that not by unnecessarily cluttering your site, but by keeping it elegant and compact.


glocal directory listing wordpress theme

The Glocal directory WordPress theme is a content driven portal that is ideal for creating extensive and visually appealing lists for any kind of entities, places or activities on a global or on a local level. Create unique and flexible directories with integrated Google maps, fully customizable icons and markers for categories, company portfolios, local and global events as well as compact contact forms for companies in your directory.

Great features such as the Glocal widgets and the custom CSS and Javascript code support allow you to enhance the capabilities and visual look of your directories and listings. Use custom permalinks, child theme support, theme control panel and team pages to have full control over how the content on your WordPress site is presented to your visitors. The SEO tools and Google analytics integration help your site grow and rank better on search engines.

This directory and listings WordPress theme recognizes that the content is key point for any directory site, so it features very user friendly solutions on how to add and display content on your site. You can even bulk import companies and directories through files to even further save time while setting your site up.

The control panel has very useful visual options to customize your directories and create a truly memorable visual experience for your visitors. Such options are the unlimited colors, the boxed and the full-width page layouts, street view as well as Google Maps geolocation for companies and places listed on your site. Glocal also includes the popular PayPal integration that allows you to monetize your sites content and charge companies for listings on your site.


globo directory listings wordpress themes

Globo is a very powerful directory and listing WordPress theme that not only provides a very smart and compact visual design that will make your directory site stand out from the competition, but also provides very powerful searching tools such as the geo location searching and lightning fast data filtering options. The Globo WordPress theme specializes in providing professional, user friendly and efficient listings and directories by providing a design for instant identification of listed categories and sub-categories for users to easily navigate through.

Companies, restaurants, businesses or even events can promote themselves through your site by using the plethora of promotion features that Globo provides, such as content driven facilities, portfolios, blogs, special offers, discounts, bookmarking system and much more.

This theme’s original and functional approach with this theme allows you to make elegant and comprehensive listings that are not only compact and pleasing to the eyes, but also provide an extensive and efficient way of visitors connecting to your sites content. The theme comes with a user friendly and intuitive front end way to design your page layouts as well as an intelligent and powerful back end to further improve how you showcase the companies and entities in your directories and listings.

Modification options such as custom widget, awesome and very handy shortcodes, multi-lingual support, the dynamic theme color changer are available. Google fonts and custom icons and images for categorizations are some of the many features that the Globo WordPress theme has in its caliber to allow site creators to fully personalize and tweak how their listings and their content is designed. And, if you’re not that tech savvy, there’s the option of using the shortcode generator to modify how the design works and looks without needing any prior knowledge or experience.

And, to top it all off, if you’re interested in monetizing your directory WordPress site, there are extensive options to do so, from the Stripe payment gateway or the full WooCommerce compatibility.


metrodir directory listing wordpress template

MetroDir is another very good directory and listings WordPress theme that can help you create and build reliable listing and business directory pages for restaurants, shops, medical services, events or any kind of business. The MetroDir theme comes with some amazing features like the online portal for shoppers and consumers as well as the feature to showcase different businesses in one website.

The layout design of this theme is minimalistic, yet flawless, showcasing that sometimes simplicity is the best option. However, that doesn’t mean that the MetroDir WordPress theme lacks features and options. The powerful visual composer that is included with this theme helps site creators customize and personalize the visual design of the site in many different ways. Other great modification options are the Slider Revolution for creating practical custom sliders to improve your sites dynamic.

Additional visual options such as unlimited color options, custom search and fields option, Google Maps integration and geolocation, extensive ratings system, events calendars and much, much more make this great theme very flexible and broad in what it can provide to users.

Secure and easy transactions are integrated through Paypal, as well as full support and compatibility with WooCommerce is guaranteed. This allows your site to be monetized as well as making it look much more professional.

The MetroDir directory listing WordPress theme has other, great ways of allowing your visitors to connect to the businesses and shops listed in your site by using contact forms for companies, feature boxes for special offers and promotions, Google analytics, business portfolios and company content restrictions.


atlas listings directory wordpress theme

The Atlas directory and listings premium WordPress theme is a very unique theme that has been developed, tweaked and improved for many, many months. Atlas has been developed with the community’s collaboration and constant feedback and ideas from the users themselves.

The most unique and important feature of this theme is that your users don’t have to use the outdated WordPress dashboard at all. Everything is done through the front end of the theme. You or your users can easily sign up, log in, edit profiles, submit their listings, change their membership and much more without needing to use the WordPress dashboard. Everything is achieved through the user friendly front end of the theme. And to top it off, users can also manage their listings, create new ones, delete existing ones or update all of them through the front end.

This theme comes with an extensive built-in membership system, allowing you to easily create different membership packages that dictate how your users post listings on your site. You can set up these packages with different prices, monthly and recurring subscriptions and different pricing options and methods for your customers.

Anyone can make beautiful and compact directories and listings sites with Atlas, due to the flexibility of the theme and the plethora of customization options and choices that it provides. With Atlas, you can use the custom fields editor to easily and quickly add new custom fields to frontend submission forms and listings pages.

The easy to use, intuitive drag and drop system allows you to fully personalize the look and visual design of your site without needing any coding skills and experience. Atlas also comes with an extensive, advanced, faceted search mode that lets you have multiple search categories and location filtering for up to 2 levels.

And even if the user friendly interface of the theme isn’t enough, there are many video tutorials that fully explain all features and can show you how to use and fully customize this theme.

Medical Directory

medical directory listing wordpress theme

As the name suggests, Medical Directory is a WordPress listings theme that specializes in hospital, doctor and medical specialist listings. The Medical Directory theme’s greatest strength is the extensive and intuitive system for categorizing and listing the large amount of different hospitals, medical centers, doctors, specialists and other individuals or businesses listed under the medical branch. The design of this great theme uses special, well placed sections for different hospital categories like cardiac surgery, stomatology or dermatology centers.

It also has distinct category systems for different doctor categories like cosmetic surgeons, pediatricians, dentist and others. Hospitals and doctors can be featured by using geolocations or depending what the medical need of the user is. Other listing and directory features that this theme has are doctor affiliations, images and videos of hospitals and medical centers, specialties listings, category map markers and social profiles.

Apart from the excellent categorization system that this theme has, Medical Directory also features front end submissions, removing the need to use the WordPress dashboard and allowing users to easily create listings on your site. This provides a user friendly interaction and ease of access between you and your users or customers.

This directory and listings theme also allows for creation of different membership and subscription packages, from free accounts to one time or recurring payments. The theme also supports free and paid trials so your users can test your site before they choose to opt in. Payment gateways include, but are not limited to, Paypal and Stripe.

Email templates, email storage and full Mailchimp integration allow for further monetization of your directory listing site through building email lists. One of the best reasons why the Medical Directory WordPress theme is one of the best in the market in its niche is the amazing customer service that they provide.

Service Finder

service finder business directory wordpress design

Service Finder directory and listings WordPress theme is an advanced, professional premium business theme that features some innovative and powerful features and options unique to this theme. Customers and consumers that use your site may book services and reservations from their desired businesses and service providers directly through your site. They can also rate the services and leave personal reviews creating gateway between your site customers and the service providers.

Business owners and service providers can also use some of the very useful and unique features like profile and staff management, timeslots for bookings, unavailability settings, full booking management, invoice generation, service areas, featured providers, payment systems and many, many more features.

Customers can also use your WordPress directory site in order to create and publish jobs with requirements. Providers can then search and apply for jobs of their liking and get hired by the customer that posted the job.

This theme is a fully responsive theme working on most platforms and devices. The admin panel of the Service Finder theme is a very powerful tool with great visual modification options such as home page styles, search result page styles, provider profile page styles, view and filter bookings by providers, package creation and more.

All of these fantastic features coupled with the unlimited theme colors option and the fully customizable search bars and widgets provide site creators with an easy to use way of creating stunning, intuitive and compact sites for directories and listings.

If you’re worried about the complexity of some of the advanced, premium options and features that this theme provides, don’t worry, the theme provides full online documentation and extensive, professional support system for all customers.


falcon lawyers directory listing wordpress theme

Falcons is a directory and listing WordPress theme designed for lawyers and law firms. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to launch a successful lawyer’s directory or law firm listing WordPress site. The Falcons theme provides a very elegant and professional design for your site as well as efficient search options.

This directory theme is a feature rich theme for directories and listings allowing you to add videos, images, details and specialties for lawyers and lawyer firms. You can also add biographies and awards for each and every lawyer or employee of law firms. The Falcons theme allows for any law business to provide extensive information to your sites audience. You can use owner contact lists, claim listing, elegant image sliders, event listing, social profiles and category map markers.

Additionally, the theme features an advanced search and filtering system that allows your visitors to find exactly what type of lawyer or law firm they need. The comprehensive category and sub-category system allows for visitors to easily navigate through to the law branch in which they need advice in, whether it is criminal law, administrative law, civil law or international law.

The theme adds ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Featured Lawyers’ sections to improve the exposure that your users get.

The Falcons theme for lawyers and law firms also features an extensive monetization option. Many different payment options and gateways are available at your disposal, as well as the ability to create many different free and premium subscription packages. The users who list their law business on your website also have the option to offer coupons and discounts to visitors finding their business through your website. Full disclosure and communication is provided by this theme through the use of templates for automatic emails that get sent to your users.

If you’re looking for a great directory and listings theme for lawyers and law firms, look no further than Falcons, you won’t find a better theme than this one.


listable restaurant cafe directory listing wordpress template

Listable is a directory and listing WordPress theme that prides itself in being easy to use and simple on the surface, yet very powerful and customizable on the inside. It comes with a flexible listing cards system that has everything you would need in order to put your plans into action. With this theme, listings can be created for pretty much anything, places, businesses, events or even activities. Create cool and sleek listings for restaurants, car rentals, flower shops, vacation agencies, market shops, night clubs or whatever else you might have in mind for your site.

This premium theme features a smart listing system integrated with the intent to easily create professional sites with directory listings. The Listable WordPress theme is a plugin based theme. That means it is compatible and integrated with a large amount of WordPress plugins. You can use Listable out of the box to create great directory listings for your site. But there’s always the option of adding plugins to Listable in order to even further enhance the features and customizations that it provides.

The theme is designed not to overwhelm you with unnecessary or unwanted features and options. Simplicity is the theme’s greatest strength. However, for those that are in a need of more functionality, Listable provides you with free plugins that you can install and you can be sure those won’t conflict with the theme.

Listable comes with beautifully designed Style Presets that you can choose from, but you can also create your own style to your liking by changing and modifying fonts, colors, sizes and more. No coding or developing skills are needed in order to create your own, personalized directory listings theme. The layout can be modified and tweaked in many ways, you can switch and add elements from the sidebar or you can just drag and drop elements and the look will automatically adapt to your new layout. Simple and easy.

This WordPress theme has complete integration of WooCommerce, allowing you to easily make money from your directory website. You can choose to charge businesses for listing submissions or take fees and commissions for sales done through your website, as well as many other monetization options.

Search & Go

search go city location directory listing wordpress design

Search and Go is a brand new, modernized directory and listing theme for WordPress sites. This theme is very fresh and features a highly modern, innovative visual design and appearance that will give your site an edge over the others.

This theme can handle any directory and listings projects, from simple, local listings sites to huge directories comprised of global companies, shops or events. The theme has a front end submission system, allowing any visitor to easily register and submit their own listing on your site. You, as a site owner, can modify whether listings would be free or whether you would charge a fee for submissions.

The entire monetization process is fully automated by the theme, so if you do decide to charge fees for submissions or add different subscription plan packages, you can create and handle as many pricing plans and premium packages as you want and collect your money through Paypal.

The vanilla design of the Search and Go theme is absolutely beautiful, but in case you would want to modify or personalize some aspects of the look, you have many tools and options at your disposal, most notably, the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin. Search and Go is a very flexible tool, both in terms of features it provides, as well as extensive modification options and plugins, making it possible for you to create any kind of directory and listings website that you desire.

The theme is also very user friendly, both to site owners as well as visitors, making it easy for users to search and find what they’re looking for or submit their own content to the database.


listify location finder wordpress directory theme

Listify is a directory and listings WordPress theme that combines really good and intuitive visual looks with advanced functionality that will satisfy the needs of any website owner. The great mix between features and appearance of this theme is highlighted by the great visual design and the ability to integrate some of the most useful directory WordPress plugins with the theme.

You can attract a ton of advertisers and business owners to your site with the ability for visitors to make reservations and booking to their desired service or restaurant directly through your site. The booking and reservation system is handled by great plugins such as Open Table, WooCommerce Bookings, Guestful, Resurva and others.

This theme helps your site grow and rank better on search engines with the help of many SEO tools available at your disposal as well as the rich snippets support that the theme has. Monetization is also a category that Listify specializes in, adding a ton of options for your site to monetize your content. With Listify, you’ll have the ability to charge users for adding, claiming or even viewing listings on your site. You can set up your fee structure, create different premium plans or all kinds of subscription packages.

With the visual flexibility that Listify provides, you can really create a unique website that stands out visually from all the other countless directory websites around. Use full width background videos on your homepage or modify the colors of the design. Add unlimited sidebars and use the countless widgets that come with this theme to really diversify the look of your directory site.

Directory Portal

directory city tour wordpress directory theme

Directory Portal is one of the most popular directory and listings themes for WordPress sites. The modern, beautiful, fully responsive design is one of the most important features that this theme has.

This premium theme has been released three years ago, and ever since it has been developed further, improved and a lot of content and options were added to make this theme one of the most feature rich WordPress themes on the market. This theme allows you to set up a beautiful, compact site for any type of online directories whether it’s restaurants, shops, websites, services, events, companies or others.

The visual features and modification options that this theme provides are simply stunning. Create your ideal directory site by using integrated 3D Header maps, video headers, ‘Business view’ or ‘Street View’ for locations, add more than thirty elements in the page builder and much, much more. The fresh and modern design of Directory Portal can be further enhanced and modified by adding beautiful elements, custom post types or by using some of the advanced tools that come with this theme.

This theme has a fully responsive design on almost all devices, ensuring a good user experience for your visitors.

Other, great features that this theme provides are the drag and drop page builder, the ‘Megamenu’, premium plugin integration, useful SEO tools, full WooCommerce integration, Google rich snippets, automatic geolocation when searching and many, many more. Directory Portal also fully accepts Paypal payments and subscriptions, claim listing and premium and free packages, allowing you to easily monetize your site’s content.

When it comes to directory and listing themes, Directory Portal is among the very best.


box theme multi purpose directory listing wordpress design

The Directory theme is a very useful tool for creating great listings WordPress sites. The theme provides users with tons of options for listings browsing, it integrates Google and 3D maps, filters shops, restaurants, services and events by categories and sub-categories. Your visitors can even filter by particular cities. A powerful feature of the Directory theme is the Geo-tracker geolocation tool that automatically detects the IP addresses of your visitors and shows directories and listings located nearest to them.

This theme is fully integrated and responsive on all devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other devices. The geolocation feature is particularly useful for mobile users since they don’t have to enter their current location, saving your visitors time and effort.

There are many options for users to submit listings on your site, they can use the custom form builder to submit listings or use the admin dashboard interface on your site. You can easily bulk upload a large number of directories and listings through the CSV bulk importer, making it really easy to setup your site. Your visitors will also be able to create their own profiles and even get regular email notifications and updates about their listings.

Paypal is fully integrated within the theme, making it very easy and convenient to monetize your site by charging on a per listing basis, or by creating premium and subscription packages for your site. You can fully modify the way you monetize your site by adding specific fees for special categories or features listings. The businesses that are listed on your site can also provide discounts and coupon codes for visitors.

This great theme is packed with really powerful modification tools and options. Everything on your site, from the contents of listings, to the structure, design and organization of directories is highly customizable. All of these features make the Directory theme one of the best options for creating any type of listings as well as building premium directories.


superlist directory wordpress template

Superlist is one of the newest directory and listings WordPress theme on the market, and it is very powerful and user friendly. The biggest advantage that this theme has over other directory and listings themes is that it’s very beginner friendly. Creating a directory site with the Superlist theme is very easy and straightforward. This is achieved with the one click installer system as well as the speed and ease with which the demo content can be uploaded to your site.

If that is not enough, Superlist has a very big and helpful online documentation that will give you a much better understanding on how every feature and option can be used to its fullest.

The theme is also a very versatile directory theme, allowing you to create all kinds of listings on your site through the use of their custom post types feature. The list of custom post types is very extensive, you can list anything from automobiles, shops, marketplaces, jobs, travel agencies, real estate, restaurants and any kind of businesses or services.

Don’t let the simplicity of Superlist design fool you, this theme is jam packed with powerful features and modification options. For example, you can use custom markers to list items on your directory directly to the interactive Google Map. You can also use some of the other powerful features, such as the extensive filtering system, the responsive auto-fill when searching for specific options or let your visitors browse listings by clicking on the interactive map. The Superlist theme has a very powerful filtering system that only shows the most relevant items when searching.

Javo Spot

javospot bootsptrap woocommerce directory listing wordpress theme

Javo Spot is one of the most beautiful themes we’ve come across, it includes amazing, eye catching homepage layouts and very modern and elegant designs. The ability to showcase the best listings in your directory using the big full width background image slider will impress your visitors and encourage them to further explore the rest of your WordPress website.

This premium theme has one of the best Google Map integrations of all directory and listings themes. Your visitors will be able to navigate through the Google Maps by selecting markers which display lots of useful information and photos about the listing. This great system provides bigger exposure for your users’ businesses and with the ability for visitors to write reviews of listings, it also develops a connection between the consumers and the service providers.

The theme comes with a very powerful and easy to use drag and drop page builder included in their premium visual composer tool. This allows you countless modification options for creating your site, such as the ability to easily create custom page layouts, insertion of page elements into those layouts as well as adding sidebars and useful widgets available to you through the visual editor.

It also features the slider revolution plugin, a useful integration that allows you to include professional and dynamic content as well as image sliders to your pages and sites.

If all of these features seem very complicated to you, don’t worry, Javo Spot comes with an extensive video tutorial series that cover all topics from installation and setting basic things up, to covering all advanced and premium features and tools. Javo Spot is truly an excellent, all in one, directory and listings theme solution for every site owner.

Point Finder

pointfinder car dealer wordpress directory theme

Point Finder is a unique directory and listings theme that is rich in features and options that it provides. This theme has its functionality divided into four different modes. There’s the general online directory mode, allowing you to create beautiful and flexible directories for all kinds of businesses, services and events. The other three modes are specialized in different fields.

One is a real estate mode, designed specifically for real estate listings, buildings, offices, houses and more. The second one is a car dealer mode, allowing you to make elegant listings of cars, trucks either for rent, leasing or second hand sale. The last mode is a membership directory mode, for sites that specialize in all kinds of different membership options. Point Finder comes with many powerful customization options and tools to enable flexibility in every aspect of the theme.

The theme can be used out of the box, it comes with several post types to enable you to create all kinds of listings, as well as the option to create your own custom fields if you wish to further enhance the listings to your liking and specific needs.

This WordPress theme has integrated a lot of useful tools to help you create the perfect directory and listing site, from integrated Google Maps, to custom user reviews, email notifications for users and much more.

Monetization is a very important aspect of the Point Finder theme. Alongside many powerful SEO tools to help your site rank better on search engines, this site has many options for creating paid membership systems, custom premium packages, multiple payment gateways and sign-ups for listings. There’s also the option of charging users on a per listing basis.

Whatever your site needs, Point Finder will have the right tools and options available at your disposal to create the ideal directory and listings site.


mycity directory business listing wordpress theme

MyCity is a very modern and powerful directory and listings theme for creating community websites based on a specific area or a shared interest for your users. This theme specializes in providing your visitors many different ways of accessing and finding the listings that they’re looking for. The flexibility of MyCity allows you to have many handy tools at your disposal to ensure that your visitors will have their specific needs met within your directory website.

Visitors can find listings through the Ajax-powered live search tool that includes many filtering options and categories, or select map markers that are included into the fully integrated 3D Google Map. The panoramic view of these 3D maps is one of the truly unique features that MyCity provides.

The theme holds a high standard when it comes to design and functionality of its individual listing pages. Each listing page features a plethora of beautiful visual features and useful information such as the photo gallery, user reviews and community profiles of the businesses listed.

This particular theme is packed with modern, unique features, but the one feature that stands out is definitely the ‘Uber’ integration. Each visitor using this feature through your website, can simply book an Uber ride directly to the restaurant, business or service that they want to go to, which not only improves your user’s site experience, but also helps you earn an affiliate commission through this service.

And, in case your users wish to visit a specific place out of town, this theme even fully integrates Airbnb, allowing your users to book appropriate accommodations near the listing that they want to visit. MyCity is constantly under development, and although it is packed with very useful and unique features, new ones are being added all the time.


eventbuilder directory theme wordpress

Creating stunning, intuitive and fully functioning event based portals is very easy to do with the EventBuilder directory and listings WordPress theme. This theme is designed to be easy to use and beginner friendly, giving you five excellent premade homepage layouts to choose from.

Whichever one you end up picking, the visual design can be further enhanced and modified with useful features such as clickable geographical maps, list of events and a calendar, large content sliders, very powerful and user friendly search fields and many more.

What makes this theme so ideal for events and directories is the unique and powerful Event Builder plugin that is fully integrated with the theme. This plugin is very flexible but what’s best about it is that the functionality of the plugin is independent to the theme itself. So, if you wish to switch to a different theme in the future, you won’t lose the functionality that this great little plugin provides in order to create fully interactive events and directory websites.

Monetization is supported by EventBuilder by having the option to charge users for individual listings posted as well as the ability to create subscription profiles or premium packages. Payment options are flexible as well, as EventBuilder supports payments from Stripe, Paypal and other payment gateways.

The creators of the EventBuilder directory theme, Themes-Dojo, have a long and fruitful experience with making lots of very high quality WordPress themes. They are one of the most reliable and experienced theme developers on the market, so you know that quality is guaranteed. EventBuilder highlights this by being one of the most popular directory and listings WordPress themes on the market.

Ultimate Directory

ultimate directory business listing wordpress template

Ultimate Directory is an all in one theme for any types of global directory and listings WordPress sites. The Ultimate Directory theme not only provides compact and elegant visual designs for your site, but also features a user friendly front end submission system to improve and simplify the process of submitting new listings by visitors.

This amazing WordPress directory theme is very organized and well structured. Your visitors are allowed to publish listings using a wide variety of categories and locations, no matter if their business or service is international, countrywide or local.

The extensive and functional category and sub-category system makes it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. They can achieve this by organizing and dividing listings into useful groups and clutters such as restaurants, shops, parks, night clubs and many more. Although you can add basically any types of directories, the Ultimate Directory theme is ideal for ‘Yellow Pages’ style businesses, review sites like Yelp or local, specialized directories.

This theme will always make sure you keep in touch with your users and subscribers by implementing several email notification triggers and email templates to send to your registered users. This theme also allows you to monetize your content, by creating several membership plans for your visitors, or by creating different free and premium packages. Paypal is also fully supported, making it easy for you to collect your earnings.

Ultimate Directory is a very flexible theme with loads of customization options, allowing you to add user review submitting, integrated Facebook logins and many other useful tools and options, giving you almost full control on how you want your site to look and function. The theme is also fully responsive on all devices imaginable.

This premium theme is also ideal for blogs. You have many blog layouts to choose from, some templates are dual sidebar posts, left or right sidebar posts, sticky posts, password protected posts. Also, video posts, slider and dual sliders posts, featured images and many, many more to choose from. This theme also has multiple gallery layouts with different visual portfolios.

Other neat, little features that this great plugin showcases are the custom built-in review system, social media share for posts and the CrunchPress theme control panel. Additional features are the custom Page Builder, multi lingual support, a drag and drop system for designing your website, unlimited colors and extensive fonts and many, many more great features.


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