20+ Best Clean, Simple & Minimal WordPress Themes For Blog & Business Websites

Although there are plenty of minimalist WordPress themes on the net, sometimes you just can’t find the right one even after hours of search. We decided to dig a little deeper and piece together a collection of the best themes we have found so far, and show them to you one-by-one in this article.

best minimal wordpress themesHere is our final list that ended up to be a quite diverse selection of themes. A properly designed minimalist theme always keeps the focus on your content, while keeping every other element, such as icons, widgets, menus and buttons completely simple and clean. Even though these themes do not use effects, animations or fancy design elements, they can still lend an absolutely stunning look to your website.

Minimalism became quite popular nowadays among creative professionals, since more and more people want minimalistic websites for their agency, business, blog, portfolio, magazine, or other similar purposes. On the other hand, these WordPress websites all load faster than any other type of website thanks to the simple elements.

A quality web design doesn’t always mean that it has to be full of animations, content links, and other, rather clunky features. Combine that with the quite bad loading times and you will get a user experience which is not really enjoyable. When users browse through a simple interface with only the most required elements, plus the main content which is beautifully presented, then they are more likely to stick around and even come back later some time.

Also, it’s much more enjoyable to browse a website that is optimized for speed, so your visitors will be more satisfied. Sounds good, right? If you are looking for a minimal theme that is reliable, well-designed and offers some high-standard features, then our selection below will surely impress you.


proton minimal portfolio wordpress theme

Proton is a quite promising choice for those who would like to see their artwork showcased in a modern, clean design. It presents images in Retina Ready quality and they also made it responsible, so the flawless, high definition quality is available on all desktop and mobile devices. It’s ideal for personal portfolios, photographers, designers, agencies and more.

You will get an easy to understand option panel which lets you organize elements and features without any previous knowledge. They have created a grid, full width and a classic layout for the blog with a handful of widgets on the side.

There is a bonus plugin included with the theme called ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Pro. You can activate it straight from your Theme Options menu. You can perform various other modifications there, such as adding custom CSS for all kinds of devices. Proton offers various different layouts for portfolio, including grid and masonry arrangements.

With the huge collection of Google Fonts, your site will definitely have an up to date look in every aspect. If you are not sure how to begin with the customization, you can always watch their video instructions on the subject.

Like many other themes, this one also includes an extensive documentation which explains everything you need to know in order to set up an excellent website. Colorizing certain elements is also a rather easy task in Proton. It can be finished within minits from the Theme Options > Styles section.

The developer team comprehensively tested the theme in mobile and desktop devices, so you can rest asured that it will work without a problem. It’s developed with professional coding skills, paying close attention to SEO optimization, so your website will surely have the potential for the search engine rankings.


raven simple minimal wordpress theme

This is a rather bold and minimal theme with a modern and elegant appearance. If you want to present your artwork in a simple, yet elegant way, then you can’t go wrong with Raven. The whole style of the theme consists of colors that are tender to the eye, ensuring a calm, seamless user experience. Raven approaches the minimalist style in a quite unique way that makes it suitable for any type of private business.

The variety of homepages offered by this theme already demonstrates that it’s completely prepared to adopt to your style. While building up your page, you will mostly work with black and white elements that can be neatly arranged using Raven’s easy to handle drag & drop interface. In addition, they have included the Contact Form 7 plugin, so your users can easily contact you.

Get ready to be the proud owner of a simple and inspiring theme that surely catches the eye of the visitors that come by. The theme perfectly suits to tablets, phones, notebooks and desktop machines as well. As similar top-notch themes, this one also guarantees an impeccable quality for every display with a Retina Ready technology.

On the other hand, what can be simpler than a One-Click installation? All you need to do is to click Full Setup, and the installer automatically sets up everything. Then it’s up to you to choose a nice portfolio layout to properly showcase your projects. They actually offer a nice selection of layouts to choose from.

Start selling your products online with style. Raven offers WooCommerce support along with the theme, making it easier than ever to start an online shop. Overall, what you get is a powerful, fully customizable theme with a stunning design.


throne minimal creative wodpress theme

If you are a creative person who wants to reach a wider audience, you should take the first step and put together a website that showcases your work in an efficient way. By choosing Throne, you will get a top-notch theme which lets you create a minimalistic, but robust website that can be customized in many ways.

The photos and the text are wonderfully presented on all pages. With Throne, you can immediately convince your viewers that you take your work seriously and evoke their curiosity about your projects. It works perfectly for graphic designers, industrial designers, architects and photographers as well.

There are four homepage and menu styles, which already gives you plenty of combinations to try out. Depending on how you want to present your content, there are three layouts and four grid arrangements to choose from, so you can vary them according to your taste.

Of course, there are also hundreds of icons, Google fonts and shortcodes available that can be applied to the theme which allows you to insert every tiny detail yourself and to create rather versatile web pages.

There are two main characteristics in Throne which make it so smooth and enjoyable for the viewers. Firstly, there is an abundance of CSS3 animations appearing here and there as you click on the different pages, photos, or options and they all keep up an amazing flow on the website. Secondly, they have created a quite appealing design just by adding a third color to the whole black and white appearance, not to mention the dynamic photo slider that shows up on the front.

All in all, Throne guarantees an outstanding user and viewer experience in every aspect. This theme is totally enjoyable for desktop and mobile users as well.


minimal simple portfolio wordpress theme

Since the style of this theme is indeed quite minimalistic, they decided to call it Minimal to make it more self-explanatory for the customers. Actually, the theme is a remake of an earlier version which was very popular back then. Now it became even better by properly re-writing the code and adding some up to date features.

The main reason why Minimal had such a success story is because of its timeless and multi-purpose design. When it comes to tablet or phone screens, your viewers will see the same flawless, high-quality performance as in the desktop browser.

There are many companies out there that manage a separate website especially for mobile devices, but there is really no need for such expenses. By resizing your browser window, you can test it out yourself how your site looks on smaller devices.

Pretty much all the option screens included in the theme are easy to understand, thanks to the built-in WordPress functionality. Everything is optimized in a way to help you quickly set up and run your site. Once it’s ready, you can add custom galleries, contact forms, widgets, infinite scroll and much more with the help of the JetPack plugin.

Minimal allows you to have a logo for your site, which can be some text with a nice looking font or a pre-designed image. There is a nice collection of font-based icons that comes with the theme, meaning that they will appear in high resolution just like the other Retina Ready elements of the theme.

In its category, Minimal is one of the best themes available in the market and you can set it up in a few minutes, while it might take hours with other similar themes.


readolog minimal blogging wordpress theme

With Readolog, you will get a plain, yet full-featured theme that might come in handy if you want to start a comprehensive blog as a writer or photographer. It’s more like a newspaper-style theme with a few built-in custom widgets that can be applied to the sidebar.

You can insert awesome charts into the posts and also inform your viewers about your latest posts, tags and most recent comments. Although the text in the demo looks like you’re reading the New York Times, they actually include a pack of 600 Google Fonts in addition to the theme, so you can change the style at any time according to your taste.

While writing your story, you can insert videos, pictures, short galleries, links and pictures by choosing your favorite post format. Most themes offer only one post format for each of the content types, but with Readolog, you can start experimenting with a handful of different styles.

Furthermore, if you liked what you see in the demo, you can set up the theme in the same way. They will send the demo data along with the theme, so all you need to do is just to follow the steps accordingly and you will get the same appearance within a few minutes.

Readolog guarantees a flawless browsing experience on both desktop and mobile screens as a modern, retina ready WordPress theme. Once you see its admin panel, it will take you a few seconds to understand how to manipulate the settings and where is the particular option you are searching for. You will get a Short Codes Manager as well, which is a clever tool for saving some time while working with your shortcodes.

Overall, it’s a clean, tidy and highly customizable blogging theme for creative individuals who want to spend their time on sharing something meaningful with their audience.


bayse clean minimal blogging wordpress theme

Although there are many full-featured, widely customizable themes that offer a range of styles, widgets and a variety of pages, it doesn’t mean that those are always appropriate. Sometimes you just need a simple theme with a clean design that puts your stories at the center of attention.

Bayse is a quite reliable theme for bloggers with a user-friendly interface and a shortcode plugin which helps you to create your pages and fine tune your posts quickly and effectively. You can find the plugin among the theme files and once you installed it, the shortcodes will be available in the post editor, so you can simply add them when necessary.

Bayse offers everything you need in order to keep your viewers entertained. You can insert various post formats, such as photos, videos, short galleries, links, audio and quotes. These can be used as interrupters between each paragraph, so you can spice up your article a little bit and enhance the attention of your audience.

Of course, your blog will look fine on mobile and desktop devices as well, so people can read your content at home and on the go as well. The theme comes with outstanding typography and beautiful elements, not to mention that you can also highlight any text in your writings by putting it into colorful boxes. This might come in handy if you want to inform or warn your readers about something.

Like every other theme, this one also needs to be customized to a certain degree to better fit your taste. This is a really straightforward process in Bayse, since you can easily change the color of any element you want or even the whole theme’s color altogether. Besides that, it also allows you to add social icon links and upload logo images or icons.


inverto minimal woocommerce wordpress theme

You have probably seen a few black and white websites with impressive style and content that caught your eye for a few minutes. These websites successfully proved that you don’t always need colors to create a visually pleasing website. If you prefer black and white art, you should definitely consider Inverto, which is a quite creative theme for creative people.

Inverto’s design mainly focuses on your visual content, taking advantage of the fact that it’s much easier to grab a visitor’s attention with images than with textual content. It’s recommended for everyone who works with imagery, such as architects, designers, photographers and agencies.

As you go through the pages, you can discover many animated elements, awesome galleries and wonderful typography. There are also tiny icons, buttons and links here and there, perfectly fitting into the style of the pages.

These details and elements are all customizable and changeable, so with Inverto, everything is set to create your own, unique website. The theme comes with a huge set of icons, fonts, portfolio and animation styles, color options and customizable layout for each page. Furthermore, it’s very easy to build it all up with the built-in drag and drop page builder tool.

When you open a post from the blog, it opens the whole topic where people can check out your content and write their comments. You can easily put together a sidebar for them with additional information, posts, links, categories and more.

Just check out a few pages in their demo and try to imagine how much time and effort it takes to create such a robust and reliable theme. And we were not even close to cover the whole list of features offered by Inverto. They undoubtedly did an amazing job with this one.


futura responsive minimal blog wordpress theme

If you want to start your own blog, then you should check out Futura. It’s a clean and modern theme focusing strictly on your content and offering every feature a choosy blogger might need. Futura is also completely responsive, fitting perfectly to the screen size of every possible mobile or desktop device.

The theme offers support for a range of post formats. You can embed all kinds of video and audio content, add a sticky post, a gallery, or insert a social media post and it will always look awesome among your other posts.

They carefully designed every little detail. Futura is equipped with the most popular widgets for social sharing, newsletters, latest posts, comments, ads, categories and a nice calendar. Your gallery will have a quite fast slider where you can go through the pictures. They also included a simple, but quite appealing comment system where people can share their thoughts.

The style of Futura is rather elegant and simple, and the widgets together offer a significant amount of information to users about your content, shared posts, and the latest comments of the community.

All the theme options can be found in the WordPress customizer, so you don’t need to open another interface to start working with the theme. If you travel a lot, have a hobby you are passionate about or just want to start a blog for your tutorials, then this theme has everything you might need.

It’s easy to handle and you can post pretty much whatever you need for your content to make it complete. The installation and customization of this theme are also no big deal, so you will be able to get it ready in minutes.


engo simple minimal business wordpress theme

They have designed engo to be a clean, intuitive and minimal theme that presents your content in a pleasant ambience. Using the popular retina ready technology, it’s ready to shine on various device screens in the same quality. You also get a wide range of shortcodes that can be used to customize your pages in great detail.

Just imagine how exactly you want to arrange the certain elements on your website and use the features included in the theme to implement your ideas. It’s as simple as that, because Engo offers you the latest features to work with. For example, you can find plenty of Font Awesome icons in the icon selector, or use shortcodes to showcase your latest posts or works.

One of the most popular sliders, the Revolution Slider comes along with the theme to further improve the user experience. While viewing the site from smaller devices, every single element and slider scales down until it reaches the perfect resolution.

The color options in Engo are limitless and can be applied to a handful of different features. There is a color scheme where you can pick the particular color you need. To give a completely new look to your site, it’s often enough to just change the typography here and there. You can do so by using the huge collection of Google Fonts on each page.

Font styling is also possible, as you can change the size, spacing, color and style of the fonts and use them for different textual elements like buttons, titles, main body, headings and navigation. The theme can be translated at any time with the attached .po and .mo files.

They didn’t forget to include a broad documentation with the theme that makes it much more straightforward to handle.


mokka elegant minimal blogging wordpress theme

Mokka is another elegant and minimal blog theme with an outstanding typography that greatly improves the style of the theme. It’s responsible, so users can read your blog wherever they are on their phones, notebooks, tablets and desktop machines.

White is the main color of the theme, but you can always add a new accent color that suits to your content. In Mokka, everything is designed to display your content as elegantly as possible.

They have also made it significantly easier to manage your content with the interactive Page Composer. It allows you to create as many pages and category templates you want, while no previous knowledge is needed for the process.

Another interesting feature is that you can combine grid sections with slideshows in various layouts. Finding the right layout to display your posts is really important if you want your content to shine. There are a handful of layout options for the blog as well, including an unusual arrangement with 2 sidebars on the right. It all depends on what type of content you want to start blogging about.

The drop down menus are customizable, so you can create your own menus with additional subcategories and add thumbnails or links which will all appear as you open the menu. Mokka supports the most popular post formats, so you can post links, galleries, videos, standard posts or audio content.

Furthermore, the theme is completely SEO optimized with clean and valid coding, which means that your website will definitely do well in search engines. You can also translate it to any language you want with the attached .mo and .po files. The theme contains all Google Fonts as well, making it readable on any device and operation system.


rawa clean responsive minimal ajax wordpress theme

With Rawa, you will get a clean and unique design that is perfect for portfolios and blogs. You can upload your work and also write a few sentences while the theme presents it in a simple, but quite modern atmosphere, making it even more enjoyable for the viewers. Rawa shows only the most important information about your content, such as the likes, comments, views and sharing options.

It has an HTML and CSS3 based template that is fully responsive, ensuring a great user experience on smartphones, iPhones and tablets. The theme offers a simple website structure with a homepage where you can post and categorize your content and two additional pages which are About and Contact.

Another awesome thing about Rawa is that it uses a script called Isotope to spice up the layout of your posts a little bit. It basically applies a masonry style to your post layout that lends a sense of randomness to the page. Get ready to start a website that puts your content to the focal point of your viewers.

The theme also includes a nice loading animation that displays your post at the top of the page once you click on it. There are a few shortcodes available that may come in handy for inserting buttons, alerts, contact forms and more. Furthermore, you can custimize Rawa by insertin custom widgets, social icons or a custom background for each page.

The theme is neatly coded, paying close attention to SEO, so it’s fully optimized for search engines.


doctype flat minimal portfolio wordpress theme

The most awesome thing about this theme is that they have found a great combination of flat and minimal design. Overall, the typography with the buttons and icons add up to a nice, unique style that will surely impress your viewers. Clean and sharp styles like this one are usually ideal for designers, engineers, and creative professionals in general.

Doctype is based on an updated framework with an outstanding performance and competitive loading times. They have improved it after leveraging a significant amount of user feedback to make it as reliable and full-featured as they can. The theme ended up to be really flexible by implementing the following idea: the homepage is essentially made of widgets, which means that you can fully customize the arrangement of the elements.

As usual, the theme comes with a selection of Google Web Fonts and FontAwesome Icons. Doctype allows you to change the color of certain elements or Google fonts in no time and with limitless color possibilities. New framework also means a brand new Options Panel for the theme, which now offers pretty much straigtforward options to help you to quickly navigate through.

The theme is Retina Ready and responsive as well, so everyone can see the awesome flat design in high quality and on mobile and desktop screens. If you intend to translate it to another language, then you will not have any difficulties since they include .mo and .po files along with the purchase.

Of course, you will get an extensive documentation that not only comes together with Doctype, but you can also access it online whenever you need it.

Good Space

good space responsive multicolor minimal wordpress theme

Good Space is a very diverse minimalist theme which might be a promising choice for any creative agency that prefers this clean and modern style. What you get with this theme is a huge collection of features and an intuitive Page Builder that helps you build up your site in minutes.

The Admin panel is also full of possibilities which is necessary for agencies who want to try out a lot of things until they get to the perfect website they imagined. Good Space sets no limitations on the sidebar, so you can add as many widgets to it as you want.

With a collection of over 450 fonts, you can further improve the style of your site while synchronizing it with your content. However, they also left you the choice to work with your own, uploaded fonts. Another great thing about the Admin panel is that you can easily translate each individual element to another language.

They used heading tags for the titles, which is definitely good in terms of SEO optimization. Your site will surely have a decent chance on search engine rankings. They also figured out that if they move your main content above the sidebars in the structure, search engines will find and analyze it more quickly.

To keep it fast and straightforward, Good Space comes with a drag & drop page builder and slider manager. With the built-in shortcodes, you can adjust your website even more and achieve the desired up to date look.

Furthermore, you will get a nice collection of pre-defined patters for your background, a well-designed pricing table, and a great step-by-step video tutorial about how to set up a site that looks exactly like the demo version. With its impressive feature list and awesome design, Good Space is easily among the best minimalist themes.


higgs minimal portfolio blog wordpress theme

What you get with Higgs is a pretty flexible website environment that is capable of showcasing complete portfolios, plus it’s also an impressive blog theme for those who like to share their stories. It has a nice and customizable design with an elegant and quick slider for galleries that guarantees a seamless browsing experience.

The developer team decided to implement their own technique and create widget powered pages, which means that you can easily change the layout of any page. You can simply add or remove these custom widgets that are basically the main elements of the page. This means a full control over the page layout and additional customization options on the entire site which is surely a great advantage of this theme.

Thezy also included a nice side drawer, which pops in from the side once you click it on the menu. There, you can add your informative widgets that show your latest posts, comments, tweets, or an additional custom menu that links to your pages. The great thing about the side drawer area is that you can spice it up by adding a background image.

There are many elements that can be customized in Higgs right from the rather self-explanatory Customizer Options menu. You can choose the desired segment of the page from the menu and start customizing straight away. The font color, the typography of each page and many other options can be changed.

Overall, Higgs offers the perfect set of features for those who like to express themselves with visual content. It also has a great, modern design which presents your content in high quality.


seven minimal portfolio agency wordpress theme

With Seven, the first thing that catches your eye is the flawless, clean design which is quite unique to this theme. It’s a portfolio theme that is definitely recommended for agencies and businesses, since it totally has the potential to keep your clients on your site and ensure them an enjoyable browsing experience. However, it’s obviously great for personal use as well, especially for choosy people that have high expectations for design. Many freelancers, illustrators, designers and photographers would gladly use Seven to build up their website.

You will get a Visual Composer Premium along with the theme, which is basically a really helpful drag & drop page builder that ensures a quick website setup and also saves you some money if you get it this way.

If you want to create an awesome portfolio within minutes in a simple interface that doesn’t require any skill, then Seven is the perfect theme for you. People will be able to concentrate on your content without distraction, while the theme ensures a beautiful and calming ambience for them.

Instead of creating only one intro to the homepage, they included a nice collection of 8 intro variants, so you are free to choose according to your taste. Seven comes with WPML support, so your website can be easily translated into any other language.

They have also attached some pretty useful video guides on how to set up your brand new website, so all you need to do is just to follow their instructions. As many similar themes, this one also guarantees a high, Retina Ready quality on all devices from smartphones to desktop. All in all, you will get an elite quality theme with impressive design, so you won’t be disappointed for sure.


spacing responsive minimal blogger wordpress theme

Spacing rather fits in the category of detailed, multi-purpose themes and although it’s a minimal theme, it comes with an impressive list of features. You can use it to create your personal website, but according to the diversity of the theme, it would make a perfect agency or business website as well.

It’s really not a big deal to set up a website with Spacing, thanks to the Homepage Builder, the Sidebar Manager and dozens of shortcodes which can be utilized with a single click. Once you have arranged the elements, you can start changing the colors for each part of the theme to make it fit to your style.

Even if you have a huge collection of portfolio posts, slides or pages, you can easily rearrange them with a clever script that comes with the theme. You can choose between several portfolio variations, each of them presenting your photos in a visually pleasing way.

With Spacing, you can build up many pages for your website for different purposes. For example, there are pricing boxes which can be used to sell certain products or services and you can build up your custom sidebars as well. At your blog page, you can set the sidebar to be on the right or the left side of the content, or both.

The demo shows only a few example layout variations, but you can arrange the widgets and elements on your website just like the way you want them. Spacing offers you all the tools to make your web pages as detailed as you want with an extensive amount of available toggles, list items, content boxes, icon boxes, buttons and more.

They also added an easy to handle Ajax contact form to the theme that can be set up within a few seconds. Pretty much everything you need to know about Spacing is written in their documentation, making sure that you will easily get along with the theme.


wryter simple personal website wordpress theme

Wryter is basically a content-focused theme that offers you a fast and easy to handle environment where you can post your day-to-day stories or favorite topics. At the home page of the blog, you can continuously post your articles and the readers will get a little insight into your story with a picture, video or short gallery on the top. They also didn’t forget to add a Soundcloud and Vimeo post format for those who want to share something interesting from there.

Then, if they are interested in the post, they can click the Read More button to see the full article. There is a Reply form at the bottom of each page where your readers can leave their thoughts with a username, an email, and perhaps their website attached.

There is a Contact page as well, where your viewers can contact you personally by typing in their message and contact information. This page is actually a built-in plugin called Contact form 7, which is completely styled and ready to use, so you can apply it to your website at any time.

Wryter contains only simple elements and the most required features. In the demo, the pages are mostly black and white but you can change the colors according to your taste. You will receive a playneshortcodes plugin as well, which means that you can pick the shortcodes right from a dropdown menu inside the editor.

Except from the post titles and dates, there is not much information included in the front page. That’s because the sidebar is hidden and only slides in when you click the menu button. It’s simply more enjoyable to browse through the posts without any distraction.

Overall, the whole theme consists of a Home page for your stream of posts and a Contact page to communicate with your audience. If you want to begin as a blogger, this theme might be a decent choice for you.


readable minimal simple magazine wordpress theme

With Readable, their main purpose was to improve the readability of the posts as much as possible with flawless, attractive typography. Overall, it’s a clean theme recommended for journals, magazines and blogs. It’s maximally prepared for informative an exciting articles with quotes, pictures, and headers (H1, H2, H3) included.

As many people read blogs and magazines on their mobile devices, responsiveness and Retina Ready quality have to be the essential features of this theme. It not only looks great on any device, but it’s also well-optimized, so users will experience quick loading times.

They have carefully set the type, size, weight, contrast and colors for the fonts in the theme. There is even a character limit for each line in the text to ensure a remarkable reading experience for every user. Furthermore, the theme is already translated to 7 languages, so you can create a multilingual site at any time.

Readable is exceptionally fast, loading up every post and page in a split second once you click them. It was built up with high quality CSS3 and HTML coding, implementing some of the most effective SEO practices.

You can extensively modify the theme by changing the colors and layouts on each page with unlimited possibilities. There is an awesome collection of Zocial and Glyphicons and you can resize them all to make it match your content. Also, Readable supports many popular plugins that might simplify your workflow even further while working with this theme.

If you want to start a newspaper style website that potentially attracts a wider audience to your content, then Readable is definitely going to do the job for you.

Simple Article

simple article personal blog minimalist wordpress theme

I would say that the name of Simple Article is quite self-explanatory, but there are many themes in the market that are much simpler than this one. But this is not a bad thing at all, because it has a great collection of rather well-designed minimal icons, buttons, widgets, typography and functionalities that further improve the overall appearance of the theme.

Simple Article is designed solely for personal blogging, but it’s definitely among the top themes in the category. Besides the beautiful design, it offers a bunch of features every blogger might need. There is an additional Sticky post format to the popular audio, video, quote, and gallery formats, so you can post various content neatly embedded into your site.

The audio post format mainly supports Soundcloud soundtracks, while the gallery post can be presented in grid, column or slider layout. In addition, there are 4 layouts available for the blog, such as masonry, column, full and medium thumbnail arrangements while the medium thumbnail option also presents content on the side.

The positive first impression of your visitors is guaranteed by the full-widt slider right below the main menu where you can upload beautiful pictures and even write a few sentences which will show up with a nice animation. You can change the color of pretty much every element on your site with an unlimited color scheme.

Simple Article comes with a nice shortcode collection and a shortcode generator, so you can make your website even more powerful and up to date. It also allows you to change the size of the sidebar, which is quite an unusual option but it will definitely come in handy.

The code quality is outstanding even in terms of SEO, so it’s completely prepared for the search engine rankings.


reply elegant responsive minimal wordpress theme

There are many themes in the market with dozens of available features and an abundance of customization options, but those might not always suit your needs. After all, if you just want a simple blogging theme which looks good and includes only the most necessary elements, Reply is certainly one of your best choices.

Simplicity often means that the features are not as good as in the other, full-featured themes, but with this one, it’s totally the opposite. Once you read the list of features, you will realize that you don’t even need more. You will get everything that’s necessary to keep up a reliable, top-notch blog that has a clean and flawless style.

Reply makes your website look perfect on Retina, HDPi and XHDPi devices, providing your viewers with an excellent display at optimal resolution. It also scales your content, so it will look great on all kinds of devices.

You can post various content to your readers in the most popular post formats such as galleries, quotes, links, video and audio. These all fit perfectly to the elegant style of the theme combined with the nice typography. Reply comes with a helpful plugin which lets you create and manage your portfolios within a few minutes.

The theme supports a handful of portfolio types like slideshows, audio, video and image portfolios. Also, forget about the boring sidebars or additional plugins that may mess up your theme. You will get the most necessary widgets right with the Reply download, including Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Dribbble, and more.

And at last, but not least, it has all the latest Schema.org and HTML5 recommendations implemented, and you can also find the most effective SEO practices integrated into the theme. All in all, they did an amazing job with the SEO, so it’s another huge plus of Reply.

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