20+ Best Photography and Portfolio WordPress Themes for Photographers & Artists

Since there are tons of themes available for photographers and designers who want to start their own website, it takes quite a long time to find the one that mostly suits your needs. To make things easier, we collected the best photography and portfolio themes available on the market in our opinion and decided to show them to you right here in our article.

best photography portfolio wordpress themesOf course, these are all premium themes for choosy agencies, photographers, designers, and creative people overall, but they are definitely worth the price. Our list is a quite diverse selection of themes with different styles, features and customization options.

You will probably find at least one theme here that is perfectly capable of building up the website of your dreams. However, some of them also include their demo data along with the purchase, so if you particularly liked the preview of those themes, you can begin with the exact same version and just insert your content. But even if you want to thoroughly customize your website, these themes will provide you with some pretty useful tools that help you to quickly realize your ideas.

Nowadays, it became very popular among people to express themselves by creating a portfolio website or a blog that’s mostly based on visual content. After all, the human brain is more responsive to images than textual content, which is also the reason why most developers include the Retina Ready technology in their themes. It’s much better to browse through galleries and well-designed websites that are presented in top-notch quality.

Now, we are going to introduce you to 20 of the best Portfolio and Photography WordPress themes available on the market by writing a few sentences about their style, features and overall functionality.


core minimalist photography portfolio wordpress theme

Core is a simple, yet elegant and clean theme for photographers who want their photos to be the center of attention. Sometimes a black or white background is all that you need to make your photos shine for your viewers.

Besides the black and white skins, you can choose between three awesome homepage styles, including the unique flow gallery which allows your visitors to side-scroll through the photos in their own pace. This particular style also has an impressive mirror effect below it, presenting the whole portfolio in a visually pleasing way.

The template offers video portfolio and social media sharing support as well, so you can upload various collections and also share them with your audience on your favorite social networks. If you don’t prefer those fancy viewing modes, you can simply present your artworks neatly arranged in rows and columns with a few thoughts on the side.

Furthermore, you can customize all the pages included in the theme with the help of the built-in widgets, shortcodes and the extensive amount of styled typography. With Core, you will get a full-featured, minimalist theme created for those who want to present their galleries to the public in a plain and clean virtual environment.

Each of your visitors will feel like they are at a modern exhibition where the walls are blank, so everyone can focus on the wonderful artworks on them. Core also lets you hide your galleries from the public by protecting them with passwords in case you have some more personal content.

And at last, but not least, you can tell many of your stories on Core’s outstanding blog page, attached with your latest photo sessions of course. There is just enough space left on the side for your own, custom sidebar, which is by the way not even limited, allowing you to display lots of important information in a quite stylish way.


toppic photography parallax portfolio wordpress theme full screen

TopPic is unquestionably one of the top portfolio themes for photographers who want to utilize a reliable and professional website for their work. As you go through the demo, you can see that they have put in a lot of time and effort into creating such an impressive set of web pages.

This is the type of theme that can make a really powerful first impression on your viewers by greeting them with a full-screen photo or grid-style gallery and a minimalistic, elegant menu. The menu can be hidden and translucent as well, depending on which home page option you choose. Every single part of the page is retina ready and fully responsible, ensuring an amazing visual experience on all screen sizes.

It’s totally easy to set it up, so get ready to create the website of your dreams even if you have never seen a single line of code in your life. With the page builder, you can neatly drag and drop each part to its desired place until your website reaches its final form. If you need some fine tuning or a little change in style, you can find the required tools in the extensive and user-friendly admin panel.

By uploading your most appealing photos and videos, you can use them as fullscreen backgrounds on all of your pages. There are also a bunch of layout options to choose from, not to mention the extensive Google fonts pack that comes with the theme.

TopPic is an excellent choice for wedding and fashion photographers, agencies and anyone who wants to start a blog. Overall, it’s a multi-purpose theme with lots of possibilities for creative people who feel like they have something meaningful to show. In case you want to sell your artworks, rest assured that this theme is completely WooCommerce ready as well.


kameron portfolio wordpress theme photographer

Kameron is mostly suitable for professional photographers who want to show their work and services to the audience. They focused on creating a theme that perfectly fits to any photographer’s practical needs. The portfolio is presented in a horizontal layout, so users can scroll laterally through your galleries and open the ones they are interested in.

If they like your photos, they can instantly share them by dragging the cursor to the share button, where the social media icons will appear. You can have one or more pages for your pricings with a nice background and a few minimalistic, but rather appealing tables containing the details.

Rather than including lots of shortcodes and features for customization, they chose to create a much simpler, more practical theme that needs no previous knowledge at all. You can personalize it with a few very helpful features with user-friendly interfaces and impressive styles and designs.

One of the best features is the beautiful fullscreen gallery which is capable of presenting your photos in many different ways. You can set multiple options there, including the title area, description, fullscreen and scale-down image option, gallery color optimization, thumbnail strip and social sharing.

If you like their demo and want to install it right away, you can do so by simply starting the demo installer that comes with the Kameron pack. They have included their 3 demos along with the theme’s content, and all of them can be easily personalized after the install.

By looking at the demo version, you might suppose that Kameron offers only one portfolio page for all your content. But that’s not the case at all, because you can create as many portfolio pages as you want, supported with top-notch PushState and HTML technologies which will keep it fast even if you upload a huge amount of galleries.


lightbox feature packed portfolio wordpress themes photos

Lightbox might seem like a pretty basic theme at first glance, but as you dig deeper, you will realize that it offers an abundance of customization options and awesome features. You can vary the shapes and sizes of the tumbnails and even combine them to build a unique layout for your portfolios. This is one of the few themes where you can change the spacing between your thumbnails or even set it to zero.

In Lightbox, they have made it as straightforward as possible to customize your website. You just need to open the control panel and every option will be quite self-explanatory. There is no limited color scale, so you can choose whichever color you want for various parts of the theme.

Lightbox offers audio and video support for both blog and portfolio posts, so if you prefer to upload mixed content, you should definitely try this theme. The animations are not only beautiful, but each of them serves its own purpose within the pages.

You can choose from a handful of slider gallery templates. These are all designed to add something special to the user experience with a clever function or a visually pleasing effect. As a user opens one of your galleries, the menu appearance immediately changes too, so they can focus on your content.

The styles and the background of the page can be changed as well with just a few clicks by selecting one of the Dark or Light header styles. Although there are only 6 styles, each of them applies a completely different atmosphere to the page.

Lightbox offers plenty of different portfolio options, so if you feel like this template suits your needs, buy it now and start to build up your website according to your taste.


vega portfolio gallery wordpress theme parallax fullscreen

Display your photos uniquely in a modern and clean atmosphere with Vega, one of the latest, carefully designed portfolio gallery themes. Although it includes some layout patterns like the simple fullscreen mode, grid or masonry arrangements, but you can always create your own layout with the content builder plug-in that comes with the theme. This can help you to create a huge variety of layouts on each page without coding.

The content builder has a very easy to understand drag and drop interface that offers various patterns and elements for building up your layouts. Once you upload your gallery content, there is an option to make it private with password protection. This may come in handy when you want to sell your artwork to your clients.

They also significantly improved the visual experience by offering fullscreen templates, so you can use a large background in addition to your content. Vega’s advanced admin panel contains plenty of options for custom typography, custom colors, backup, Google Fonts and more. You can create super clean and elegant websites with this theme within a few minutes.

As you purchase Vega, they will attach an extensive and searchable documentation that is available online as well. To further improve the user experience, they attached one of the best sliders available on the market, the Revolution Slider. Plus, they included the quite popular Parallax background option for the headers. You can apply this effect with a single click once you uploaded the image.

Vega is especially recommended for professional photographers, designers and creative people in general who want to exhibit and maybe sell their artwork. The shop page is very intuitive and perfectly fits into the style of the theme.


bow clean minimalist modern photography wordpress theme

Bow is the kind of theme that does not contain a single redundant element in its design. It’s actually a perfect example for minimalism and cleanness when it comes to WordPress themes. Despite the fact that it offers only a handful of features and options, users can still have an outstanding browsing experience while going trough its pages.

You can quickly find the page you want in the menu and the website is also quite fast overall. To prove this, the theme has gone through a performance test that recorded only 2 seconds for the page load time. They have created a unique style, where the elements are completely harmonizing with each other. Your artworks may be really good, this theme will make them even more appealing without doubt.

Since Bow is fully responsible, it provides the same quality on tablet, notebook and desktop devices as well. You can choose between three different background styles for the homepage: image or video background, or content slider.

After you have arranged the layout, you can start changing the typography for every single element with the collection of more than 600 Google Fonts. However, if you want a website that looks exactly like in their demo, just start with the demo content which comes with the theme.

As you customize your brand new site, the built-in Live Customizer makes you able to check the preview, so you can further adjust the theme while building it up. Bow doesn’t require you to be experienced in SEO optimization, since they have already put significant effort into optimizing your site.

All in all, Bow is one of the most flexible and reliable themes that guarantees your users an unforgettable experience.


getphoto portfolio woocommerce photogallery wordpress theme

If you would like to present your work in a huge variety of styles and layouts, then you definitely can’t go wrong with GetPhoto. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to create such an extensive amount of home page, gallery and portfolio page variations as you can use in this theme.

They have obviously created this one for picky people who like to choose from many choices and build up a website in the most appropriate way. This means that the final style and appearance of your website will rather depend on your choices. With GetPhoto, it’s up to you to evoke a positive first impression in your viewers which will keep them around for awhile.

The menu and the additional details on each page are hidden or transparent, which makes it easier to focus on the content. They have applied awesome animations to pretty much every part of the pages, making the theme quite dynamic and enjoyable. GetPhoto has a smart, in-built feature that optimizes each uploaded image for faster loading speeds by properly resizing them.

The homepage versions, galleries and the blog contains either a full-screen or large images in various layouts that are all retina ready, ensuring an amazing visual experience for the users. If you want to reach a wider audience with your website and make it spread internationally, you can easily translate it thanks to GetPhoto’s multi-language support.

Furthermore, you can add one or more WooCommerce pages in case you want to start selling your stuff. Your website will look great on all kinds of devices, but that’s not all. Devices with touch screens can even navigate through your pages by swiping. If you want a hypermodern theme with more than enough customization options, then you should definitely choose GetPhoto.


volta creative modern responsive photography wordpress theme

Volta can perfectly demonstrate it to you how not to overcomplicate a theme. If you are a creative person who just wants to keep it simple with a clean, stylish theme, then you surely can’t go wrong with this one. Users who visit your site will have the same flawless experience on desktop and mobile devices as well.

In Volta, the unique layout along with the beautiful typography forms an impressive style which makes it rather enjoyable to browse through the content. It’s also quite fast and intuitive, so you can immediately get to the page you want. You can choose between three background variations: image, video or content slider, and all three of them welcome the viewers with a stunning first impression.

You will get a user-friendly Theme Customizer, which helps you in building up your website in no time with a real time preview option. Many features can be changed in the theme, including fonts, colors and the arrangement of the posts.

The creators of Volta focused on what most people want in a creative portfolio theme: modern looks and a complete focus on the content. But the album and the blog section consists only of a series of photos with a title and date on them. What you see on the pages is a different arrangement of photos all the time. In addition, the theme is totally SEO optimized by the clever use of headings tags and a professional code structure.

If you don’t know how to get started, you can just open the documentation that comes attached with Volta or watch one of the screencasts and you will surely get along with the setup. Also, if you liked the demo content, you can get it right away using the XML import file.


hypershot powerfull fullscreen portfolio wordpress theme

Hypershot is an awesome fullscreen, high DPI portfolio for everyone who wants to exhibit their artwork. This theme is absolutely future ready with its detailed design and latest WordPress features.

It is recommended for more demanding people, since there are many customization options available. However, you can comfortably work with this theme without any previous knowledge required. For example, you can upload your content and create galleries and albums within minutes. Of course, you can always test out the performance of the theme yourself by opening the demo.

You can choose from various layouts for your homepage, gallery and blog pages as well with nice video embed support and a bunch of gallery arrangements. The AJAX Thumbs gallery also presents your photos in a visually pleasing way with many useful functions like the navigation icons on the side and the description, share and link buttons at the center.

The theme can be dark and light, depending on which one fits better to your taste. Both your albums and galleries can be protected with a password, which may come in handy if you create photos or designs for specific clients. And there is another pretty awesome thing: you can choose any background color you want for each of your photos to tone them together.

As many other WordPress themes, this one also allows you to download and use their demo content by attaching an .xml file. Furthermore, you will get a set of custom widgets, some useful shortcodes, and a collection of social icons.

Overall, Hypershot has an impressive design and they obviously paid close attention to every detail. You can install and set it up within an hour and even translate it to the 6 supported languages right away.


photoajax minimalist portfolio wordpress theme

Let’s take a look at Photojax, a minimalist Ajax theme for photographers, which is designed to present your work to a wider audience. You will be definitely satisfied with this one, since it features everything a photographer would need for his portfolio. There are two different skins available for the theme, a dark and a light version and both of them lend an awesome atmosphere to the website.

The homepage is Ajax, which means that users can browse through your galleries without a single page reload. Therefore, you can pretty much go through all the essential content on the homepage of Photojax except the blog.

When you click on a gallery, it opens a slider below the menu with an animation. There, the screen is fully focused on the selected photo in high definition. You can even add an audio track that will start playing whenever someone visits your site, adding a certain ambience to your homepage.

Adding a gallery is not more complicated than adding a Facebook post. You just create a post, give it a name, and select the images you want to upload. And there’s another really important feature called Right-click protection which applies a significant protection to your artwork. In addition, you can set it to notify you whenever a user right-clicks one of your photos.

Photojax always adjusts itself according to the width of your browser. With the Symple Shortcodes plugin, many additional items will be available like alerts, pricing tables, buttons and so on. The theme has a pretty solid blog template with a handful of widgets for the sidebar.

The overall looks and the functionality of the theme is the result of mindful coding and design, ensuring a great theme for everyone who is interested.


spaceship responsive custom background video photography wordpress theme

Spaceship is the kind of theme that can make your artworks shine in many ways not just in English, but in 7 more languages. If you want your work to be available internationally and gather more followers to your site, you can’t go wrong with this theme. Besides its versatility in language, it has the capabilities to showcase your portfolios in a stylish and elegant way, showing your viewers that you indeed have high standards.

With Spaceship, there are 4 different home page styles to choose from. You can greet your viewers with your list of galleries, or even with your latest album that just came up. Of course, if you are more like a blogging person, you can set the blog section or a single page from your blog as the welcoming page.

They have found a pretty good place for the widgets by creating a drop-down section, which can be opened with a tiny arrow right above the menu. It’s a fine place where users can see the latest posts, comments and categories. Spaceship also gives you a nice set of widgets, so you can use them to set up a nice sidebar for your blog as well.

Overall, the theme itself has an awesome style and it comes with an abundance of customization options. Each page can have its own background by inserting one of your album slideshows or uploading a new image. But almost every small detail can be customized in fact. You can even upload your own Google Fonts and use them within the theme.

There is also an extensive amount of social icons and helpful shortcodes. The developers were very generous, so they attached a helpful documantation along with the theme. Once you read it, you will have no problem at all with setting up your website.


zoom portfolio product showcase touch photography wordpress theme

Now Zoom is recommended especially for those who want their content to be available for iPad users or anyone who uses a touch screen. However, users can get a similar experience with a desktop browser as well, because they can navigate through the pages with the arrow keys and the spacebar.

But there’s another interesting thing that they included. As you install the theme, an extensive setup guide will appear on your home page, which shows you how to set up your own website with helpful videos and instructions.

The appearance of the theme is just flawless. You can start your blog and upload your portfolios in no time, and then all you need to do is to just enjoy the experience. Everything is wonderfully presented and the page is actually really fast. The home page is an instant slideshow, but you can click on each photo on the list and it will show up without any loading time.

Zoom is really minimalistic, but every single feature and animation only further emphasizes the modern style of the theme. The blog posts nicely appear at the center of the page, leaving a decent amount of space for the background to shine.

It’s perfect for writing short articles about your work, and there is no other element around the post that can distract your readers. At the end of every post, there is a form that can be filled out in case someone wants to leave a comment.

They left out every unnecessary detail even from the Contact Me page, which consists of a form at the center of a beautiful background. If users want more information, they can open a slide-in menu on the side and learn more about your work, social network accounts and other stuff.

Clean Photo

clean photo beautiful portfolio wordpress theme

By buying Clean Photo, you will not only get an awesome, fully-featured portfolio theme, but they have included a handful of Premium Plugins as well along with the download. As you might suppose, this is not one of the usual personal themes, since you can customize literally everything and apply an extensive amount of additional functions, styles and layouts.

They surely did what needs to be done to put the visual content at the center of people’s attention. The textual content along with the menu options, the icons and every tiny detail is as simple as possible, yet visually pleasing thanks to the wonderful collection of icons and fonts.

It’s very easy to vary the style of your website with Clean Photo. You can even change the layout of the header by hiding the menu options or arranging them differently. However, this theme allows you to choose between many different layouts for each page, so you can decide which one suits you best.

The developers mainly focused on creating a theme which welcomes your viewers with a stunning stream of images on every single page. The blog styles of Clean Photo follow the same pattern by displaying the posts with large images along with some text or no text at all. Once you click on one of them, you will see the same picture as a huge background with the textual content below.

The pages are very fast and, of course, Retina Ready not only on desktop, but on all kinds of devices. When they coded Clean Photo, they paid close attention on the SEO too, which is another great plus. You can find extensive documentation about the theme online and a few video tutorials demonstrating how it works.

Overall, it’s an outstanding choice for photographers and agencies, not to mention that it includes one of the longest lists of features.


outdoor creative fullscreen responsive photographer wordpress theme

The main reason why you should choose Outdoor is the beautiful design quality offered by the theme. With this clean design, your artwork will be definitely the focal point of your website. It’s full of tiny icons, animations, decorative buttons and shapes that all further improve the elegance of the theme.

Everything is quite dynamic and fast on the pages, especially the homepage alternatives that show a few pictures in a slider, slideshow or carousel format. But you can always set it to a static image or even a video background according to your taste.

If you are a photographer or designer or you just want to find the right theme that properly showcases your work, you can’t go wrong with choosing Outdoor. They even integrated Woocommerce pages in case you want to sell your artwork.

Check out Outdoor’s demo and if you liked the layout, you can save yourself some time by importing the whole demo data with a single click. It’s much simpler to start off with an instant web page, right? However, if you are more into building up and customizing stuff, you can choose between 600+ fonts, a huge collection of retina icons and unlimited colors.

The theme comes with a contact 7 form, which can be applied to your posts within a few seconds. They have also put together a blog with an awesome style, including the quite decorative social media sharing icons and a decent comment section.

Among the other useful features, Outdoor also guarantees to be completely responsive and retina ready on all kinds of devices, while the whole website can be easily translated with the included .pot file. With this theme, you can try out dozens of different styles and each of them is capable of attracting more and more viewers to your site.


dk premium portfolio wordpress theme unlimited colors image uploader

DK is a stylish portfolio theme built with the latest WordPress features and it has two quite unique features that can significantly improve the user experience. Firstly, you can set it to play some music, so whenever someone visits your page, a full-screen photo will appear as the background while the music starts playing. If you choose the right music, it can lend a certain mood and personality to your website.

Secondly, as you open a gallery, the blog or the contact page, it will pop up with an animation from the bottom and you can also minimize it and continue browsing the full-screen gallery on the home page or open another page. You can also protect your galleries with passwords, so your viewers need to Login first to see that particular set of photos.

DK is rather flexible when it comes to customization. There are many page and gallery page templates to choose from and 7 custom widgets for the sidebar of your blog. Create your sidebars without limitations and apply them to whichever page you want on your site. With the user-friendly admin panel, you can easily upload multiple videos and photos at the same time.

You can vary the typography and the layout for each page with DK’s styled typography and customizeable page columns. By immediately showing your best artworks to your viewers using the impressive homepage options of the theme, your site will surely attract a wider audience. Also, the built-in contact form will make it easier for people to share their feedback.

They have also made it easier for you to deal with the shortcodes by including a Shortcode Generator plugin. DK is mostly recommended for photographers and creative people who want to create a visually pleasing theme for their visitors with a somewhat different approach.

Big Gallery

big gallery portfolio wordpress theme

Like many of the other top-notch themes, Big Gallery also brought something unique to the viewers. In this case, you will get a full-screen slideshow as a homepage with a pull-down menu and another window where you can navigate through the photos. Both of these can be minimized, leaving a huge free space for the background slideshow to shine.

You can also upload an audio track which automatically starts when someone visits your site. They have created two different skins for the theme: a dark and a light one, with the same clean and modern style.

Each of the pages are completely responsive, so there is no need to worry about the screen resolution for smaller devices. And that’s not all. Users with touch screen devices can also enjoy the advantages of Big Gallyery’s integrated swipe support.

The reason they named it Big is because their main priority was to keep the focus of the viewers on the visual content of the website. This means that each of your photo collections can be presented in various full-screen sliders. These types of portfolios ensure that your visitors will have an enjoyable experience while browsing your pages.

Big Gallery not only presents your photos in full-screen, but you can also upload videos or embed them via Vimeo or YouTube. The menus and buttons disappear as you stop moving the mouse, removing all distractions from the screen.

There are plenty of customization options included in the theme, such as shortcodes, custom widgets, and a huge set of icons and Google fonts. It’s compatible with the most popular browsers and completely translatable. In fact, you will get the Polish, English, Russian and German language files right away along with the download.

The whole design with the modern, content-focused features guarantees a unique user experience for everyone who browses these pages.


moon full screen photography portfolio wordpress theme blog shop

With Moon, you will be able to accomplish everything you imagined as a professional photographer. This theme is perfect for creating portfolios, photo story blogs and online shops where you can sell your artwork. Welcome your visitors with this stunning design that performs perfectly in all aspects.

It’s also designed to be one of the fastest photography themes, so you will have no issues at all with climbing the ladder on search engines. Moon offers the best performance optimized by professionals. Once you have finished uploading your portfolios for each client, you can make them password protected to hide it from the other users.

With the interactive interface, users can immediately provide you with their feedback about your work. If you want to read extensively about the theme, they attach a precise documentation once you buy it, so you can start watching video tutorials and gifs about how to setup and customize your brand new website.

The post formats are all flawless and you can post pretty much everything you want, including videos, quotes, audio, image, link and gallery content. And don’t worry, no one will steal your photos. You can apply a custom copy protection to your artwork that guarantees that no one can save it.

Now one of the most interesting features is that you can match a custom background for each of your photos that makes the whole picture completely harmonized. This will make every single photo visually pleasing for your viewers.

Furthermore, you can create your own, custom layouts and also modify a plethora of elements within the theme easily, without any prior knowledge. The sliding direction can be changed as well, so you can vary it for each page depending on the theme of your work.

After all, we weren’t even close to mentioning all the awesome features that Moon offers, so you should check them out yourself. Overall, it’s a wonderful, full-featured theme that really raises the bar for the other themes in this category.


skylab trendy responsive retina ready portfolio wordpress theme

Skylab is a uniquely designed, multi-purpose theme that favors creative people who want to showcase their work. This is the kind of theme that presents photoshoots just as well as designer content with its modern and clean design.

The image slider is designed to be really fast and smooth with an additional touch navigation, so your viewers will surely have a great time browsing your portfolios. Every page element and text surrounding the photos is very simple and minimal, but they harmonize perfectly with the visual content, adding up to an impressive style overall.

With Skylab, your new website will look and behave fine on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices with a responsive CSS included. Furthermore, no previous knowledge is needed to make the changes you want on each site. You will easily set up your own layouts, change the colors and add your logo with a user-friendly interface.

You will receive a Google Fonts collection as well, so there will be plenty of awesome web fonts to choose from. Also, the developers attached plenty of demo preview options to showcase what this theme is capable of. If you liked one of the demos and also want to save some time, then you can just set up a website with the same looks as in the demo. A few clicks here and there, and your website will be up and running.

Skylab includes three plugins that might come in handy while building up your site: Slider Revolution, Visual Composer and Showbiz Pro. With the last one, you can even add special effects and animations to your site. If English is not your preferred language for your brand new site, there is no need to worry because Skylab is completely translation ready.

If you want to see this stunning design yourself, just take a look at one of their demos.


division fullscreen woocommerce drag drop page builder portfolio photography wordpress theme

If you like precisely designed, widely customizable themes, then Division is definitely one of your best choices. Actually, it has so many options and they have put so much effort into achieving such a high-level design that you probably don’t even find a more diverse theme than this one.

Division is recommended for agencies, freelancers, art directors, photographers, designers and bloggers who have set pretty high standards and want to thoroughly build up and customize their new website. The theme comes with every necessary tool for building up your site, such as the drag and drop page builder, theme customizer and the admin panel.

These all make it much easier to arrange a proper layout and change the skins along with its color and background. It also supports iPhone and iPad with the powerful Retina HiDpi support for every device screen. Division’s admin panel offers you an outstanding user experience with many useful features. It allows you to create unlimited sidebars and choose from hundreds of Google Fonts for your pages.

There is no need to worry about translating your page, because the theme has an integrated translation module for texts and additional .pot files as well. They have also optimized it for SEO by using headings for each title. This means that search engines will rank your page better, recognizing only your primary content.

On the other hand, Division is totally Woocommerce ready. The shop can be set up within a few minutes and you can immediately start selling your stuff to your clients.

Although we were not even close to present you all the features that make this theme so awesome, but you can always check out the demos and try them out yourself. Once you have set up everything properly with Division, you will get a top notch website that will attract plenty of new viewers.


quantum retina minimal portfolio photogapher wordpress theme

With Quantum, you will get a splendid minimal theme with a set of the most important features for creating your own portfolio website. The simplicity and the perfect arrangement of elements is what lends this theme a modern feel that will keep your visitors on your site, asking for more.

They included Woocommerce compability as well, which may come in handy for agencies or designers to sell their work online. In Quantum, everything can be neatly arranged in your portfolios, photo galleries and blog with a few layout variations.

In addition, the theme is created with the latest technologies. You will only experience a little loading time with the dynamic parts, but the overall experience will be quite smooth and fast. After all, these are the advantages of an Ajax site. They have stick to the minimal design with the animations too, which further adds to the smooth experience of the theme.

The 6 available homepages all present the website in a different style and you can also configure each of them and publish more than one at the same time. It’s not only responsive, but supports touch screens as well, so users can easily navigate through the slides. If you want to present your projects, there are three project post types available to be able to showcase any kind of project you have.

Quantum can be widely customized, which comes in the form of custom fields. These fields can be customized independently on each page according to your taste. This is a theme with the main purpose to put your work at the focal point of your viewers, not influencing your creative style in any way.

The design quality and the overall functionality of the theme is surely flawless. If you choose Quantum for your new website, you probably won’t be disappointed.

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