13+ Best Reviews & Ratings WordPress Themes for Product & Service Review Sites

A very large number of people are using the Internet for shopping and to search for the newest and best products and services. But, finding the best products can be a bit difficult and time wasting. That’s why a lot of review sites started appearing all over the Internet to help customers choose the best service providers and shops that fit their needs.

best reviews ratings wordpress themesBusinesses extensively use the WordPress platform to sell and promote their products. Reviews are one of the main things that visitors and consumers like to check out when they are searching for the best or newest products or services. This is why using a WordPress theme for creating your review website is crucial.

An informative review site should not only have good content but it should visualize it beautifully as well. This is why this article showcases only the best looking and feature-rich WordPress reviews themes on the market. All of these themes are also very flexible and customizable through many options and third-party tools.

The WordPress reviews themes that will be discussed in this article will include options review systems. They can also be used for service and product reviews as well as used for blog and magazine sites. These premium themes are ideal for affiliate marketers, amateur reviewers or other people looking to review applications, services, shops, newest gadgets, devices and almost anything else.


reviewer five star rating movie review wordpress theme

Reviewer is one of the top WordPress themes specifically built for the purpose of writing reviews. This theme can handle almost any review types including movies or even TV show reviews. It features a lot of great modification options, third-party plug-in support, tools and widgets.

The visual design of this theme is very classic and compact. It’s mostly designed as a theme for reviewing entertainment and show business related websites. One of the main features is the very easy to use rating system and the ability to archive posts by titles, actors, directors and more.

This great theme is fully localized and can be translated into any language by using some of the many translation and localization files included with the theme. Google fonts are also integrated into Reviewer and you could choose from one of the 10 font options available.

Any site owner can select one of the five great background pattern options. These are designed for different types of review sites and you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. Five-star rating colors are also available in one of the unique features of this theme. Multi-author sites can list all of the authors and contributors by using the author’s page template that is available.

Many great widgets are fully integrated into Reviewer. The custom Recent Ratings graph widget and the custom featured Reviewer/Offer widget are a must have for any great reviews site. The sidebar and the footer of this theme are fully widgetized. Additional widgets include social media integration solutions that are very helpful for any aspiring website.

Another great way to personalize and modify the visual look of your site is by using some of the unlimited color options that are available for use through the included color picker tool. The useful Sticky Posts feature is integrated with the theme that allows your home page to have Featured Posts on it.

Additional neat stuff that makes this theme a great choice is the Contact form 7 plug-in support, social network icons, 2 distinct sidebar styles and two layout options for the content and the sidebar. Aside from the great customer support that is provided to all paying customers, the online documentation that comes with this theme is very easy to follow.


reviews product service rating wordpress theme

Reviews is a complete theme designed for building websites to review products and services. It’s perfect for building content that allows users to gather feedback about any product or service that they wish to purchase. You can create as many reviews as you like and you can create grades for all the criteria that you like.

Users and visitors of websites that are created with this theme are free to provide feedback separately on published reviews. They can also rate the products and services themselves by using the criteria you chose for your site. It also features an extensive search system to allow users to find and identify specific products and services that they wish to use.

Apart from the inbuilt author and guest review system, this premium WordPress theme features lists of stores where to buy products, user ratings, category criteria and much more. Advanced search and Google rich snippets are also available. There are over 600 Google fonts to choose from and unlimited colors available to modify the visual look of the websites.

One of the main features of this theme is the large number of widgets, page templates and shortcodes. Some of the great widgets that you can use are the recent posts and comments widgets, top authors, newsletter subscriptions and more. Widgets related specifically to reviews are the user rating widgets, most highly rated post widget and the visits widget.

Page templates can be used to specifically choose how your content is displayed to your visitors. You can use the pages with a left or right sidebar or the full width page. Additional page templates include the contact page, all categories page, registering login pages and search pages. There is also a recovered password page for people that have forgotten or lost the password.

The Review

the review magazine rating wordpress theme

The Review is a very modern and stylish review and magazine theme that allows for the creation of beautiful and extensive reviews. This theme can be used for multiple types of content including games, films, technology, gadgets, travel destinations and more. A centralized hub page with tabbed navigation can be used for each review item so that news, videos and images that relate to that item can be easily displayed.

The design of this theme is modern, clean and fully responsive. Every single review item can both be reviewed by users and admins alike. The ratings that are available with this theme have schema markups and support rich snippets included in them so that the ratings can be displayed in the search results. The user reviews are posted by using the front-end review form of the theme after which they can be approved or deleted by the admins of the site.

The hub page is one of the best features that come with this theme. These pages can display vital information such as the latest news, images and videos for any review item. All hub pages have been designed so that they can use child pages that can be added to the tab area and display related information pertaining to the reviewed item such as news, videos and more.

This premium reviews WordPress theme has been specifically designed to be fully responsive. It looks great on all imaginable devices and guarantees that no visitors might encounter trouble or problems while reading and navigating your content when using mobile phones or tablets.

The visual composer is a very powerful tool that allows for extensive modification of this theme. By using this tool, you can quickly and easily build amazing and eye-catching page layouts. Lots of custom elements that can be easily tracked and dropped into any page or post are available for use and specifically created for this theme.


reviewit buddypress rating wordpress theme

ReviewIt is a great theme that allows you to create amazing review websites by using some of the very powerful review and community features integrated within this theme. It provides an extensive review system that allows both the post author and the visitors to create and rate posts individually. From the top of the review or through the comments visitors of this site can easily rate posts and reviews.

The posting process is fully achieved through the front-end of the website. This theme also comes with different skins, the dark and the light variation. This theme is fully responsive and compatible with all major browsers. Translation files are ready and available for use if you choose to localize your content. The code of this theme is also very clean and effective.

The custom widgets that come with this theme are one of the main strengths of ReviewIt. There are the custom widgets for recent comments as well as a custom widget for boxes and review lists. You can also use alternative widgets, such as the post boxes or the latest member’s widget. This theme also fully integrates Cufon custom fonts.

Search engine optimization is a very important aspect for every aspiring website. It allows sites to rank highly on search engines such as Google or Bing. This premium reviews WordPress theme comes with very powerful search engine optimization tools available to any customer. Additional important features of this theme are the individual and global options as well as the ability to create unlimited sidebars.


magellan video news review magazine wordpress theme

Although Magellan is primarily a video and news magazine theme, it’s also perfect for creating review websites. It integrates interactive review features as well as video posts support. Unlimited number of Google advertisements and banners are available to use and this theme comes with full integration of such great third-party plug-ins like the visual composer and the slider revolution.

This premium theme comes with 6 different and unique demo sites that can be used to display any type of content through different layouts and color styles. All of these demos can be easily imported into your website. This theme is also fully responsive on all types of devices, tablets or mobile phones.

If you wish to create a beautiful review site, this theme is one of the best choices for you. Any kind of product, whether it’s clothing, travel destinations, video games, latest gadgets or any kind of equipment can be reviewed with this theme. The star rating values that this theme uses will show up on the thumbnail of each post in homepages, archives or search results.

One of the main unique features of Magellan is the review summaries tool. The visual composer that is integrated within this theme includes a custom-made block that allows you to list a very compact pros and cons list for each and every product or service that is reviewed or rated. All of the block ratings are completely animated.

Apart from the many powerful review features, this great theme comes with some extensive features that can allow you to monetize the traffic on your website. You can easily insert advertisements in the headers or sidebars, on posts or other places in the theme. Different types of advertisements with different sizes are fully supported. Setting up Google AdSense or other affiliates is very easy to do.

Some of the great visual features and advantages of this theme are the smart sidebar that gives websites a more balanced look and feel. The full-screen posts feature that allows you to show featured posts with the full-screen image is also great. Or the automatic court articles feature that marks the most popular weekly posts in their respective titles.


gauge games movies electronics review rating wordpress theme

Gauge is a very powerful and multipurpose review theme. It can be used to create extensive reviews for all types of content, including movies, TV shows, food, video games or more. All news, images or videos that are related to a specific review item can be easily and beautifully displayed on the centralized hub page that uses tab navigation.

This premium theme allows admins, authors and visitors the ability to create their own reviews. Each and every rating includes schema markups and Google rich snippets that allow ratings to be displayed in the search results. Every review can be posted and written through the front-end review form. All review items that are created by authors or visitors can be approved or not approved by the admins of the site.

The centralized hub page that this theme incorporates is one of the main features of Gauge. This hub page can either display vital information, such as images or videos of a particular review item or a full review of that particular item. Every single hub page can incorporate child pages that can be easily added to the tab area in order to display related news, forums and more.

Users have full control over the visual style of the theme. Changing colors, fonts and sizes for each and every element of the theme allows you to create totally unique and personalized designs easily. The visual composer plug-in that is integrated in the theme allows you to easily and quickly build beautiful page layouts. A large number of custom elements that can be easily tracked and dropped into any page also created specifically for this theme.


swagmag magazine review wordpress theme

SwagMag or more popularly known as Swagger is a premium WordPress theme that allows you to create a modern and compact review site. It also allows you to create an unlimited amount of custom review mini-sites within the main website as well. This allows you to easily load up your site with tons of review content and present it in a very organized manner.

The front page of this theme is insured to grab the content of your mini sites and put it all together in a very elegant, content-rich page that gives your visitors the best user experience possible. This is specifically designed to increase the average length of time that your visitors will spend on your site as well as increase the number of pages, posts and review items that the read.

Some of the highlights of this theme are the beautiful shortcode buttons available as well as the custom meta fields that help you to deal with shortcodes. The ratings of review items can be automatically and directly displayed in search results by using some of the Google rich snippets and schema markups. Each review type has unique background images, layouts, schemes and sidebars available for use.

Additional great visual features that this theme possesses are the three different drop-down custom menus, each one of them specifically styled. Your post listings can easily display advertisements through the integrated randomized and sophisticated advertising network that this theme possesses. On top of that, there are 13 additional template positions created for custom advertisement spots.

The review options admin panel lets you create completely unique review websites by offering you tons of options and ways to personalize your content. If you choose so, you don’t have to give your articles ratings because this theme allows you to create non-rated articles for each review type.


made user ratings buddypress unlimited review wordpress theme

Made is a very powerful review and magazine WordPress theme powered by a rock solid framework that displays your content in a professional manner. This theme has been specifically designed and proven to increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your websites. You can make the visual design on your own by using some of the many visual modification options available at your disposal.

There are four distinct rating types available with this theme. You can use number ratings, star ratings, letter grade ratings or percentage rating types for your articles and posts. There are five different star colors available to further personalize the way user ratings are displayed in your website. The number of different rating criteria that you can use for your reviews is unlimited.

This premium reviews WordPress theme has made it possible to make review sites about almost anything. You could review tech gadgets such as laptops, newest smartphones, tablets and audio or video products. Or maybe create websites that review movies, TV shows, music releases or new video games. Review websites for automobiles, travel destinations, books or fashion trends can also be created with the help of this great theme.

The responsive visual design of this theme can scale from high definition to mobile and looks great on all possible tablets and devices. You can fully customize the review types that you create by using more than 50 different theme options. In addition to the author’s rating criteria, this theme has integrated user ratings and can be used automatically with average user ratings, which will be displayed in the overview.

Additional features that make Made one of the best options on the market are the 80 shortcodes, 20 custom widgets and four custom menus. Working with shortcodes has been made easier with the custom meta-field panels. There is also an extensive documentation available that helps you with every aspect of this theme.


entrance minimal magazine review wordpress theme

Entrance is a very clean and minimalistic WordPress theme that can handle many websites from review, magazine, news or blog sites. The visual design of this theme is very responsive and retina display ready. The layout automatically adapts from normal desktop screens to any mobile devices and tablets.

The WordPress theme customizer tool provides a great and powerful way to customize this theme. Some of the things that you can achieve in this tool are changing the color schemes, modifying all settings and uploading logos. All changes can be previewed in real-time before they are saved and applied to the theme.

Another great tool that this premium theme integrates is the content builder tool. It uses a very user-friendly drag-and-drop system that allows you to add multiple content blocks with different styles. This helps you easily build unique pages. You can also choose one of the multiple blog layouts available, like the small or large thumbnails layouts, grid or masonry layouts, etc.

The sidebar manager that comes with Entrance lets you create multiple sidebars directly from the theme options panel. You could assign different sidebars to every single page, post or article. The sidebar position is also modifiable, allowing you to use left or right sidebars or full width sidebars.

Additional features that make this theme great are the extensive review systems. These allow you to easily add any type of ratings and reviews to your posts and articles. Reviews can be enabled or disabled and multiple ratings can be added. You can also use custom criteria for your reviews and set the overall ratings that will be calculated automatically.


netmag clean simple review wordpress theme

NetMag is a very clean review theme that prides on its gorgeous visual design. This theme includes tons of options, unlimited colors and fonts, a page builder tool as well as a review system. The theme is not only very flexible but it is also very easy to use.

This theme is fully optimized for touch based devices and tablets. It also fits not only on large desktop screens, but also on smart phone and tablet screens. Additionally, the theme has ultra-sharp retina graphics that are fully responsive. Social profiles can be set up on the left panel of your website by using some of the great social share buttons and icons.

Any kind of content can be reviewed by using this theme. The extensive review system that is built-in is easy to use and it allows you to create an unlimited number of rating criteria. The rating values are calculated automatically in case you use different review criteria, rather than the default ones. You can also override those scores and put your own if you so desire.

The page builder tool of this theme is easy to use and it offers many possibilities for organization and content creation. There are 12 different page block layouts that can be used to create your own personalized homepage. You can choose to filter your content blocks by tags, reviews, categories or different criteria.

The main strengths of this theme are the beautiful visual layouts that come with it. NetMag lets you use four different gorgeous layouts to create review, magazine or blog pages. For every single layout variation, you can select the right sidebar or the full width version of the layout. These variations can be used for homepages, archive pages or any type of category, page, review or post.


valenti modern magazine review rating wordpress theme

Valenti is a modern, cutting-edge premium high definition review theme. It is very feature-rich, retina ready and fully responsive. It includes the exclusive unique drag-and-drop builder that helps users create unique homepages and easily make modifications to the theme.

The integrated review systems and great third-party widgets included with the theme are what make it very powerful. There is a unique mega menu system that comes with Valenti that lets you create beautiful drop-down menus and it gives you the ability to set featured images of any post or page.

Although this theme is very feature-rich, it is constantly in development and new options and features are added all the time. Some of the newest additions to the theme are the stick sidebars and the sticky mobile menu and logo. There are new blog styles and new post title design options being constantly added. New footer layouts and new home page paginated blocks have also been added and this improves the performance of the theme.

No coding skills or experience is needed when using this theme, because of the logical and simple theme options that are available. This theme options are displayed with illustrations and dynamic options that can hide or show depending on your choice. The image system of this theme is also unique. You could choose a different image style for each post or page in your website. This helps you create unique and engaging articles and reviews.

Apart from the powerful and unique mega menu system that comes with Valenti, users can choose from multiple styles as well as choose from a dark and light skin of the theme. Amazing sliders that can show featured or the latest posts and full width sliders that can be used above posts are also available.

If you’re creating a review website, there are three different rating styles to choose from. Stars, percent or points based review websites can be easily created. This lets you easily create unique and engaging content, while also extending the functionality of your review website. If all of these features seem overwhelming to you, there is an extensive online documentation available for all customers.


flavor ajax rating review magazine wordpress theme

Flavor is an advanced magazine theme that can also be used to create review websites. It is one of the most powerful and most complete themes available on the market. It’s built on a very new and powerful review framework that features a unique mini site builder tool. Everything on this theme is Ajax enhanced including all of the theme options.

This theme features some very beautiful and unique features, such as the beautifully rendered Ajax sorting and filtering controls. It also allows you to add reports and badges unique to each mini site by using the interface of this theme. Editor and user ratings on each post as well as like and view counts are fully integrated in it as well.

Some of the premium theme components of Flavor are BuddyPress and WooCommerce compatibility and integration. There are over 600 custom Google fonts and over 130 icons available for use. This theme also provides view integration via full Google rich snippets and schema markups. Unlimited custom sidebars, unlimited colors and styles that you can easily use to modify the visual design of this theme are also available.

There are also many shortcodes and widgets that come with Flavor that allow you to further personalize and extend the functionality of the websites that you create with this theme. The shortcodes are based on the bootstrap library and provide some great miscellaneous utilities. Widgets like clouds, latest articles and trending articles help your website have a unique feel to it. You can also use some of the many social media integration widgets, such as the social counts in different social types and many more.


jmagz news review rating system wordpress theme

JMagz is a responsive and feature-rich WordPress theme with the unique visual design that stands out from the rest of the themes. This theme can make your review websites look very professional, even if you don’t have tons of content. The look of the websites can be easily modified by using some of the many customizer options available through the sophisticated backend of the theme.

This premium WordPress theme comes with a unique advanced reviewing system that not only makes your review content look more professional but also lets you attach your own referral links inside the content of the reviews. Additional search engine optimization support is built into this theme that helps your website rank higher on search engines.

The visual design of this theme is fully responsive and retina display ready. The visual composer page builder tool that is included in JMagz enhances it with some very powerful options. It lets you filter advanced blocks, filter popular posts by category blocks and many other options.

Additional great features of this theme include the unique review system with search, sorting and filtering. The theme has two type navigation systems as well as two tie-breaking new systems with added thumbnails. There are also tons of social media widgets and tools available to use.

This premium reviews WordPress theme has full Ajax integration. It features Ajax loaded posts, a beautiful mega menu with Ajax loaded content for reviews and categories as well as live search with Ajax load. The 30 distinct post types that are available for reviews and posts are another great feature of this theme. Finally, all of these great features are backed in an easy to use installer and an extensive documentation comes with the purchase of this theme.

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